Happy New Year

2016 was good but below average.  We’re hoping things will get better like most Americans and Earthlings…….  So we always have hope for the future, enjoy the diversity of our country and keep supplies in our studios to make things……. because that is what we do.


Lobsters from Maine

So we’re just sittin’ around one evening……..
Playing with a top on the kitchen table when………………..

Lobsters arrive fresh and alive from Maine, it doesn’t take long to make them into a meal,
with a nice loaf of Challah and Belgium beers.

Thanks Susan K!

Last kiln of 2016

A lot of special orders in this kiln.  The udu is finished and sounds great, this special order is from a niece to her aunt and her aunt is our former band mate, so Sue made it extra special.

The old covered bridge mug, started as a fund raiser for JEMS and now only made by request for people who even know they are around.

A beautiful urn for a special kitty.  The receiver was so moved she is sending us
some lobsters from Maine.

Happy Thanksgiving and a new udu design

We had a very successful Holiday Sale.

Here’s what the gallery looked like on the morning of.

Sue’s gotten a special order for one of her Udu’s……
(an Udu is an implosive aerophone made of clay.  Actually being a water jug with an additional hole, it was played by Igbo women for ceremonial uses in Nigeria.)

When we had the percussion band, Mountain Drum we played Udu’s and I continue to play on one that Sue made for me.



Here is Sue’s design for this one, it doesn’t have the holes in it as yet.  A double chamber with a face, she actually calls it a Utar because of the the length and holding it is like holding a guitar.


Knowing that this one is going to a friend she is pulling out all the stops.  It is a playable work of art essentially.

When the palm of a hand comes down over one of the holes, sound erupts out of the other, kind of a mellow Boing sound.  On top of the face is another hole and you can drum your fingers and hands on the clay itself and other sounds come out of the udu’s holes.


Sue carved into the piece and then applied a white slip and then smoothed it out, so that it is engraved into the piece.


A one of a kind work of art and clay instrument by Sue Young.


Here is a post from 2012 with an example of the Udu sound.

Our friend Nadia came over one afternoon, she’s giving a poetry reading at the Blue Seed Studio in Saranac Lake and I mentioned how I’m combining my poetry and drumming.  So we decided to get together and just jam with some of her poetry.  The following piece came out of the jam session.

I played a beat on the udu and Sue is the back ground on a drum.

Black Angel  a poem by Nadia Korths.


New work for the sale.


Many nice pieces are in the gallery.  Here are some platters.
dsc06154A beautiful leaf design canister set with leaf handles….wow…!  on sale 25% off this weekend!
dsc06155Casseroles and Soup Tureen…….the handle of the dipper is a leaf.
dsc06151Beside putting a new roof on the back garage and everything else a handyman does, I made these scarves for the sale………plenty for everyone even at 50% off!
dsc06153Here’s a fun bowl I would like to have just to put guacamole in.

Our annual Holiday Sale is November 19 and 20th.  It’s big and meaningful for us.  We work hard to get the gallery in shape, every day will be filled with the weekend in mind.

2:00 am in the studio


It’s 2am and Sue is pushing through to get the most pottery possible out of her hands.  Her work is so popular.
dsc06143Boards of ornaments are drying.
dsc06145Here are some cell phone holders.  Usually this late in the game Sue will make pieces that take no assembly and just need to dry.
dsc06147One of her drying ware shelves.
dsc06148In her glaze station.
dsc06149A trio of cat bowls to be glazed.

Sue is very professional in the way she works, and takes it very seriously from a business point of view.  From a creative point of view, she has touched the muse and brings it back to earth for all of us.

The Warming

This is a very warm autumn for the Adirondacks.  It was a very warm summer and they have been for quite some time.  We have seen new insects, birds and an new abundance of animals in the forest that use to die off from the harsh winters.

My morning walks start at 40 degrees and usually end up close or into the 50’s.  This week now through Sunday every day in the 50’s.  They are usually making snow on Whiteface Mountain at this time of year for the Thanksgiving opening.  Last year they managed one trail on Thanksgiving.

It’s unsettling only because of the unknown.  Like a Stephen King book.  It’s an innate fear that is in everyone, because we like to know.  We, as humans, have created a Scientific Method from the brains that God bestowed on us, (if you believe in that).  As a result these brains can deduce logical conclusions from accurate data we have recorded.

Data has told us about the hottest years on record, every year now is breaking the last year it was the hottest and 2016 is going to be hotter than 2015.

Have you ever been in an earthquake.  It’s like wondering…..”just how bad is this going to get”….. whew! and then it subsides, luckily.

That’s the way this is…..every year getting warmer….when does it stop?  When we are like Venus?

It just comes to mind because of the election.  Elections sure do have consequences.  I know the Republican Platform is against the man-made causes of climate change and so we will probably see all the good work of the past get erased.

I know their argument, “regulations on the environment are costing businesses money”, and that is the only argument that they put forth.  It has to do with money…..no people…no us.


Canadian Geese stay way into the winter now, last year this lake didn’t freeze.  We use to ice skate on this lake after a Thanksgiving meal.


Every year I have to admire the Milkweed.  The delicate nature of their seed wings are ready to grab the next breeze.

Hey I’m 68, I’ve lived an amazing life as an artist and business person, But I worry about my Grandson Zane and my Grand Nephews and Nieces, what if this yearly increase in temperature doesn’t stop?

Fresh kiln and work

With our Holiday Sale fast approaching, we are working every single day.


Here are some nice leaf design casseroles by Sue.  She put them up on her Facebook page and they will probably sell very quickly.


Sue has some new earring designs.

oct_16Here Sue is putting the finishing touches on a cat bowl.