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Cooking, Book Arts, Beginning of a Mural

Sue and I have been taking Cooking classes with chef Uwe Riehs, his website is here , you should check it out and if your in the neighborhood go to one of his Saturday night classes, limited to 10
whatsnew_4Chef Uwe prepares his ingredients and spices for the evening show.
whatsnew_5Sue and Bobbi, listening intently and getting some hands-on experience. We have always cooked an evening meal for the family and thought we were doing fine, then we started watching the food channel and were intrigued with some of the ingredients and the way the foods were spiced and prepared. By attending Chef Uwe’s classes and being witness to his culinary expertise and the excellent method he uses to list the recipe so mere mortals can use it, we’ve certainly kicked our home cooking up several notches.
whatsnew_bHere’s a look at the bookarts studio on the left. To the right (not in this image) is a home made 12 drawer 34″ x 42″ cabinet that holds all my paper and board. It’s a small tight operation, everything within reach. I’m certainly no master at book binding but I can sew a multi signature and know several different types of bindings that I use on a regular basis.

The binding on the table in this image is the beginning of a ‘coptic’ binding for a book that is a  “Tower of Inspiration”.

If you go to: AdirondackBookArts.Com you can view all my current books.

An important factor in being creative is having a space where everything you need is at your disposal, including music if you like or silence.  You need to have ample tools because nothing interrupts the creative spirit like looking for a tool for half an hour.


Sue’s pottery studio is always a bee hive of activity. This photo includes, the wedging table on the right… the lower left the new bisque kiln, ware shelves in the background and in the center in the left photo an order for a canister set. Sue is constantly keeping pottery in a flow, from wet pots to bone dry, then kiln dry and finally fired.
whatsnew_cSue has two big projects this winter, the Ceramic-Pendants.Com website and wholesale business. Sue has bought advertising space in a juried craft wholesale site. Members have to have business credentials in order to look and order. We have friends who have used them and they have had much success in doing so. Worth a try.


Sue has also begun work on a 40 foot mural that will be installed on the Government Center Building in Plattsburgh, NY.  This project is funded with grants and local businesses, celebrating 400 years since Champlain ‘discovered’ the lake that is named after him. This project involves 10 Clinton County schools who will create the tile for the project.

The design is Sue’s, she is working with the students on making the tiles and is scheduled to do the installation in the spring of 2009.