Monthly Archives: March 2009

What’s New

The Mural Project has been consuming Sue but she still finds time to get in the studio and make an order or two.  She made a beautiful tea service set for a wedding.
But the tile mural undoubtedly has most of her attention, and it is gradually becoming a work of art for the ages.  She has transformed the children’s drawings into molds that they then can press clay into and see their drawing in clay.  I have to believe that when they pull the clay out of the mold they must be thrilled to see their drawing in three dimensions.


Sue’s creativity is really shining through on this project.  In the summer issue of Eating Art I’m hoping to have photos of completed tiles and perhaps even some installation photos.

whatsnew_3Another thing Sue has found time for is creating new molds for her pendant and pin business.  Here is a trillium she carved and now it is ready for the plaster.

She was going to go wholesale with her pendant line this winter but with the mural project those plans are on hold.  There’s no sense getting too stretched, or stressed, and it was a good decision because now that she is in the thick of this project she goes to schools five days a week, and on the weekends she plans for the next week.