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Montreal and Nadia’s Apartment

Were invited to spend a weekend at a friends apartment in a very nice neighborhood in Montreal.  Sue and I have been going to Montreal for many reasons over the years, but never to spend a weekend in an apartment in a very vibrant neighborhood, with cafes on every corner and lots of shops.

montreal_soupSue is on the right enjoying a morning tea, the apartment building can be seen below, the balcony would be on the right in that photo.  The other photo below is the night scene on the avenue below, it was bustling with activity and fun to watch from our perch with a glass of wine.  Cattycorner from the apartment is a theater.

On the corner is a cafe and from the corner I am taking the photo that is a cafe as well and from 9am on the tables come out and people come and sit for hours.  It was a very warm weekend in Montreal, so we did a lot of walking

apt combined with street

evening view combined

sue on balcony

Sue on the balcony right off of our bedroom with the morning light shining in.


breada typical neighborhood street.  Ten minutes away by car or metro is the center of the city.  Within walking distance is the Jean Talon market and there are several very good bakeries right in the neighborhood.

chinatownOne day we took the metro to the Atwater Market and then walked back uptown, checking out the Asian Markets in China Town,


Every Sunday in the park on the east site just below Mount Royal people gather for a drum circle.  We didn’t have drums with us, but we did a drive by to see it and know where it was because this something that we are going to do.

It was refreshing and invigorating, especially for Sue because she has worked so many hours on the mural project.  And hanging with Nadia was so special and inspirational as well