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Whats New for Summer 2009

Eating Art was never about food, but now that we have taken cooking lessons from Uwe Riehs we have come to appreciate food and preparing and serving of it differently from before.  We always were a family that sat down to a cooked meal every evening.  We used some wonderful recipes that Sue’s Mom had, some Sue had and some from my family.  We cooked like that for years, with only little variations from time to time.

Chef Riehs has taken us up a level, now we have a wonderful spice rack with fresh spices that we grind when we need them.  We shop in the Ethnic markets in Montreal when we are up there.

On the right we have Sue’s Spinach Soufflé which has been a family favorite for a long time, served with it however is Pico de Galo.  A wonder salsa that is served with the souffle, is made with fresh radish, shrimp and orange wedges.


What have our daughters been up to?
IMG_1361IMG_1363The photos above are the polo field at the Bark Eater Inn in Keene Valley.  On the left that is me throwing the ball into play, Emily is on the white horse, Cactus Pete, who’s a little slow, but her horse Corona wasn’t ready for play.  They play with however many players are around at the time.  Emily will be giving trail rides all summer long at the Bark Eater Inn.

CJ did summer classes and now she is camping for five weeks at Field School.  It’s a “Dig” just south of John Browns Homestead in North Elba, they are surveying and digging at what was once the Epps Farm, a 150 acres plot of land that was part of a settlement that John Brown called Tim-Buck-Tu.  The land was set aside for Black Families, 150 acres were needed to be able to vote, but the soil and conditions of the Adirondacks proved too hard to actually farm in and the settlement slowly disappeared.



Sue has been very busy with her mural project.  Here she is working on a section of the map of Clinton County.  The lower photo  is a clay sculpture ready for plaster to make a mold.  It’s a trillium and now they are medallions that Adirondack Life buys and sells through their magazine and sales have been very good.  Sue also has a line of ceramic pendants.  We were going to go whole sale with them nationwide through a online wholesale outlet but because of the mural Sue put that project on hold.  However we have gotten inquires from the website and a very nice first order from a shop in North Carolina.

What has Terry been doing?
Building websites mostly.  It’s been a very busy six months, this was the first winter in 40 years that I didn’t do artwork.  The only artwork I’ve done has been digitally with an idea for a book that I’m working on.  The web business took control of me and I let it because of the unknown effects of the economy.  I don’t know how more of it I can take though.  I have over 60 clients now that I manage and now it’s kind of a guessing game as to how much work do I want and how much time do I want for art work.  It really depends on the economy and gallery sales.

What I have been doing a lot of is Drumming.  I’ve composed three new rhythms for myself and I’m attempting to make it to fifteen or so, but I’m having a problem getting to four, so we’ll see.  But I have totally enjoyed playing my drums again this winter and it feels good.