Monthly Archives: October 2009


drumming_2After the Mountain Drum percussion group dissipated in 2007 I began re-working my hand techniques and putting in plenty of practice doing exercises we learned from Joe Platz, the maker of most of my drums.

I also began writing down rhythms that I was composing about my Adirondack Experience.  I was lucky to pick up a recorder so that I could hear what I was playing.  I could also experiment now with new sounds and make recordings of it all.

I have written seven rhythms to date and I have found that I am more on fire about drumming and percussion than I have been at anytime in the last 12 years of playing the drums.

Below are five of my percussion pieces that I have recorded.

Marcy Field



I Just Love Fruit

Gill Brook


The summer of 2009 was very quiet and with Sue away most every day installing a mural, I spent a lot of time under the tree out back, on the deck or in the gallery, drumming.  I got the recorder that summer and was able to experiment with my rhythms in ways I couldn’t before.

For this project it would be nice to have another seven original tunes before I drift away with another idea.  I’d also like to do something with percussion and poetry in the future.