Gallery on New Years Eve

This is how the gallery looked on New Years Eve. We were set up for a play reading, directed by Kathy.  We had a full house of 26 audience members but I don’t have any photos of the play. Afterwards  we had a pot luck party and friends stayed to welcome in the New Years and we all played board games.

gallery chairs

gallery games

Young's Studio & Gallery 2010

Young's Studio & Gallery 2010

It’s hard to believe this is the 28th year in business on Route 86 in Jay and the 16th in our larger gallery space. It was about 1992 when we made plans for the new gallery and it was June 21 1995 when we opened. Previous to this space we had a very small gallery that measured 10’x12′ and now that is our office.

We saved up our money each step of the way to build the space worked off a budget and a business plan.

The space was utilized right from the beginning, we used the slab for basketball. Then when the frame and the roof went up we had ping pong parties in there. And once the gallery was built we continued to have parties and events. The displays are all moveable and we can open up a large section of the floor for events.

The business is changing for us however, we have cut our wholesale buying to almost zero, because the traffic on our road just isn’t there anymore to support that kind of store for us. We decided to concentrate more on our own work, it’s been great because there’s a lot less bookwork and inventory to do.  It’s also inspired us to fill the gallery with new creations.


Sue has a section devoted to just her pendants now.  Her website for them Ceramic Pendants was built mainly to attract wholesale customers, but the retail sales have been so successful there’s no point in wholesaling too many of them.

Young's Studio & Gallery 2010

We use to have a small section of the gallery devoted to our drums, that has expanded into the little recording studio that we have now.  I don’t know where this part of it is going, but it sure is fun!