Monthly Archives: February 2011

Where do we go from here?

I’m wondering about the future of eating art and thinking perhaps it’s time to move it to a blog or facebook kind of thing.

That’s why I’m here tonight writing this, after neglecting my blog for year.

I could still post photos, I could have stories…..

I’m trying to convince myself.

It’s working.

Eating Art Newsletter began mostly as an exercise in writing and communicating incognito with other artists, although it became quickly apparent to quite a few, who was writing.

The actual website was begun to showcase the work we were creating and family times. The two are pretty much the same in my mind, even the house is another part of studios, and there were always projects the girls were working on when they were growing up. Or Sue might have a project on the kitchen table and have to move it for dinner.

It’s still going on, Sue has a mural project right now and the kitchen table has been active for several weeks, now that it’s the two of us we sit and watch our favorites shows we’ve taped. It ‘s a different dynamic, that’s for sure.

Major changes all over the world, why not at Eating Art as well. I’m certainly going through major changes myself, or probably I should say that all around me family is going through changes and therefore that affects me, in a major way.

I made three paintings on small canvases last month, 12×16″. I’m loosening up to paint some larger canvas. I’ve been sketching out trees that I will eventually draw a series of on pastel paper, I’m really having fun with this idea now that I can see the direction and colors I want to use.