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The Drum Cakes Bomb

However the drumming rehearsal went very well.

I don’t think people liked the drum cakes, although the chocolate was very good on top. The pecan cookies were the big hit and the fruit.

I was pleased with my playing and energy, and I stayed focused. I made several mistakes, but of course no one but me would know. Sunday, March 20, 2011 Equinox I rehearsed twice today, and between the morning and evening rehearsal we drove over to see Corrine and pick up a load to store in attic. She’s moving to her new job at a Rehab center. She will be a councilor and resident manager of one of the houses. She’ll have from 1 to 3 people living in her house at any one time. It sounds really good for her because there are extensive grounds and they make their own maple products and many other things that they sell to make money and support this institution. It began almost ninety years ago. It sounds like Corrine will be able to work on other areas of the campus as well.

I’m excited, I can’t help it. Only a few close family members have heard only parts of my program, so tomorrow night will be the first official rehearsal in front of a small audience. I wanted from ten to twelve and I have thirteen. I have some people who will make the second rehearsal in April. By that time I’m hoping to at least have one new rhythm and poem to add.

It’ll be a totally new experience for me with these rhythms. I’ve played some of them now for over two years, it’s easy to concentrate when I rehearse on my own. This will mostly be a great practice on staying focused and in the moment.

My method of playing this performance is to attack the drums and then caress the drums to get the most out of them.


I set a date and put up a notice in the Jay News and now I have 12 people who are going to watch my first rehearsal of “Into the Adirondacks”, a Percussive Art Performance Piece.

I’m limiting it to 12 because I don’t want a lot of audience and I only have 12 chairs, otherwise I’ll have to scramble for more.  If I get more than 12 I’ll see if I can get enough to have another rehearsal of the performance in several weeks, which is what I want to do anyway.

I want to hone my performance until this summer when I will perform it at an opening in the gallery along with new art, pottery and books.

This performance piece really means a lot to me, it’s as important as any of my art works or books.  First off, its current.  Its a current work, its where I am at the moment.  It speaks of who I am, and how I perceive the world.  Although I’ve had 8 years or so of drum performances under my belt, 6 years with Mountain Drum, its always been within a group.  This is totally on my own, my own rhythms, ideas and words.  “Into the Adirondacks”, is or course Adirondack inspired, from just living and hiking in the mountains.  Two of the current pieces have poems with them, when I write some new pieces after this performance, I will have more with poems in them.

When Mountain Drum broke up, I was practicing the tunes we used to play, but I was playing some of the other parts that I wasn’t playing.  Being in a band like that, you pretty much just play your part in each tune, so it was like learning and discovering totally new rhythms.

One day I was playing on the deck when I just got into a groove while looking at the apple blossoms on my tree, the sky was blue, spring colors were moving up the mountains, the bees were humming around the tree and just found a groove and it turned into my first rhythm, “I Just Love Fruit”.  It was written for all fruit, but inspired by my apple tree.

Unfortunately I make no income from the drumming, its just a hobby.  But one never knows.

Finished a painting……”Whiteface from Coperas Pond”.

Adirondack Oil Painting, Terrance D Young, Young's Studio & Gallery. Jay NY

I’m still working with my colored pencils and ink and hope to have a beginning drawing finished soon.
3_11_11_sketchpadSue is making production pottery and doing work for Adirondack Life Magazine.  She’s presently making a master for their Photography contest trophies, which are bowls of her’s with the Adirondack Life logo on them……
3_17_11_sue  Here is Sue working under a magnifier on the master.  From this she will create a plaster mold in which she can impress clay to attach to the bowls.  This master has really presented some problems and this is her third cast, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed on this one.  For some reason some of the plaster was staying in the mold. Friday, March 11, Learning to Blog What a day.  Can’t complain.  I was in my head, because I had chores to do and had to check on my Mom and that took longer than usual because she was very tired and her back was out.  So I was with her for quite awhile till she felt better.

I didn’t leave the house until 1pm because I was glued to CNN and the quake and tsunami.  I also didn’t want to venture out onto my slippery driveway which was a coat of ice from the rain.

I just took care of a little web work and am anxious to experiment more with my colored pencils and ink ideas……I’m including a view of my sketchpad…

I wouldn’t say this idea has been torturing me for plus three years now, but it’s sure been on my mind and I haven’t quite known what to do with it.  It deals with trees, without leaves.  It deals with personalities and the transient nature of everything.  I want to be able to print the images that I make with this idea.  Be it either individually or in a book with poems.  We’ll see.
3_11_11_ovalplattersI see that Sue has made two wonderful oval platters, that are sitting on the slab roller.  I’m sure she must have thrown the forms and then altered them.  They look really nice. I’m glad I’m able to put up images again.  I don’t know if it was the blog program or the way I’m program, however I checked it out and it was working so I snapped a couple of photos.  It’s so effortless to this when it works rightly. I’m going to devote this weekend to recording my new rhythms and getting them onto my website……   I have a couple up there presently, but I’m recording much better now and I’ve refined the rhythms since I posted those tunes. I would like to perform what I’ve prepared.  I have nine original Adirondack Inspired rhythms, two that have accompanying poems and I’ve added a tenth tune, an old Mountain Drum tune that I’ve arranged for a solo player.  It’s a thirty minute program.  My goal is to write another nine and arrange one more old tune and make an hour long program and take it on the road. I’m thinking next Saturday night, I’m going to advertise in the Jay news for an audience and I’ll limit it to about 10 or 12.  I want to practice in front of people and get use to it again.

Coming from the Ipad

I tried blogging on my computer, but it wouldn’t work for me. I could upload pictures but I couldn’t type. So this is cool just sitting back in the gallery and pecking away on the pad.

Minus degrees this morning and I had to take Mom for a doctors appointment. Everything went well, it was her first trip out of the house in about four months or so.

I spent the rest of the day painting, cooking and catching up on some T-Vo. I re-painted “View of Hurricane from Owl’s Head”. I don’t like this either. However, I was just looking at it again and in the cliffs I could imagine a hiker, a climber in stone, seeming to be just a rock formation, but yet a sculpture of a rock climber.

I’ve decided that it will be my next pencil drawing. I was beginning to wonder when the next pencil drawing was going to come along.

I did complete two oils in February, I’ll try to upload them here.

I guess I won’t know if it worked until I publish. I’ll have to get better at this blogging.

One painting is of Avalanche Lake looking south, and the other is Copperas Pond looking at Whiteface.

Sue fired two kilns this week, the gallery is flush with pottery. The gallery just had it’s two worst months in a row in probably the 28 years that we’ve been in business. Even my web business is very slow and clients are taking longer to pay. It’s probably the first time in three or four years that I don’t have a site to build on a regular basis. My last one was for a painter in Florida and since I didn’t have anything else to do, I gave him a lot more and he’s told me he’s going to talk me up down there. if your interested.

Things are picking up for Sue, Adirondack Life is commissioning a new pendant design and there’s some other work “in the works” with them. Most recently she got some nice pottery orders. Next week she’ll be working at the Keene school on the mural project.

I’ve decided to make the leap to Social Security. It’ll help the income. We believe that things will be getting worse before they get better. Sue and I have been real survivors. We’ve always stayed true to ourselves, we’ve lived on fumes many times. This time everything just feels different, government really is not concerned about the little guy anymore. They’ve totally forgotten where this country came from. Their only concern is making the other side look bad, scoring political points at the expense of a country.

It feels like you could be flicked aside, stepped on and forgotten. Rather disheartening after 28 years in business together, 7 additional years for me before that, make that 35 business years for me. Also being a combat vet and having the feeling that your helpless to make a change in this great country.

We sure hope we’re wrong on this.