Coming from the Ipad

I tried blogging on my computer, but it wouldn’t work for me. I could upload pictures but I couldn’t type. So this is cool just sitting back in the gallery and pecking away on the pad.

Minus degrees this morning and I had to take Mom for a doctors appointment. Everything went well, it was her first trip out of the house in about four months or so.

I spent the rest of the day painting, cooking and catching up on some T-Vo. I re-painted “View of Hurricane from Owl’s Head”. I don’t like this either. However, I was just looking at it again and in the cliffs I could imagine a hiker, a climber in stone, seeming to be just a rock formation, but yet a sculpture of a rock climber.

I’ve decided that it will be my next pencil drawing. I was beginning to wonder when the next pencil drawing was going to come along.

I did complete two oils in February, I’ll try to upload them here.

I guess I won’t know if it worked until I publish. I’ll have to get better at this blogging.

One painting is of Avalanche Lake looking south, and the other is Copperas Pond looking at Whiteface.

Sue fired two kilns this week, the gallery is flush with pottery. The gallery just had it’s two worst months in a row in probably the 28 years that we’ve been in business. Even my web business is very slow and clients are taking longer to pay. It’s probably the first time in three or four years that I don’t have a site to build on a regular basis. My last one was for a painter in Florida and since I didn’t have anything else to do, I gave him a lot more and he’s told me he’s going to talk me up down there. if your interested.

Things are picking up for Sue, Adirondack Life is commissioning a new pendant design and there’s some other work “in the works” with them. Most recently she got some nice pottery orders. Next week she’ll be working at the Keene school on the mural project.

I’ve decided to make the leap to Social Security. It’ll help the income. We believe that things will be getting worse before they get better. Sue and I have been real survivors. We’ve always stayed true to ourselves, we’ve lived on fumes many times. This time everything just feels different, government really is not concerned about the little guy anymore. They’ve totally forgotten where this country came from. Their only concern is making the other side look bad, scoring political points at the expense of a country.

It feels like you could be flicked aside, stepped on and forgotten. Rather disheartening after 28 years in business together, 7 additional years for me before that, make that 35 business years for me. Also being a combat vet and having the feeling that your helpless to make a change in this great country.

We sure hope we’re wrong on this.