The Drum Cakes Bomb

However the drumming rehearsal went very well.

I don’t think people liked the drum cakes, although the chocolate was very good on top. The pecan cookies were the big hit and the fruit.

I was pleased with my playing and energy, and I stayed focused. I made several mistakes, but of course no one but me would know. Sunday, March 20, 2011 Equinox I rehearsed twice today, and between the morning and evening rehearsal we drove over to see Corrine and pick up a load to store in attic. She’s moving to her new job at a Rehab center. She will be a councilor and resident manager of one of the houses. She’ll have from 1 to 3 people living in her house at any one time. It sounds really good for her because there are extensive grounds and they make their own maple products and many other things that they sell to make money and support this institution. It began almost ninety years ago. It sounds like Corrine will be able to work on other areas of the campus as well.

I’m excited, I can’t help it. Only a few close family members have heard only parts of my program, so tomorrow night will be the first official rehearsal in front of a small audience. I wanted from ten to twelve and I have thirteen. I have some people who will make the second rehearsal in April. By that time I’m hoping to at least have one new rhythm and poem to add.

It’ll be a totally new experience for me with these rhythms. I’ve played some of them now for over two years, it’s easy to concentrate when I rehearse on my own. This will mostly be a great practice on staying focused and in the moment.

My method of playing this performance is to attack the drums and then caress the drums to get the most out of them.