Monthly Archives: June 2011

Studio Action

First thing I’m going to do today is mat and frame an etching of ‘The Hunter’ that someone dropped off.  They wanted it framed in barnwood, but I don’t make frames like that anymore, However, I just came across a frame for this, how about that for coincidence.   It’s longer than the current mat, but what I’m going to do is make a new mat with two holes, the one of the bottom I will put a turkey feather in.
Etching by Terrance D Young, Young's Studio & Gallery. Jay NY

I made this etching in 1994, it has a soft ground etch with aquatint. The hunter is Mark Peduzzi and is in a camouflage outfit posed, ready to let loose an arrow.

I wish I’d done more soft ground etches, it has such a nice quality about it, and they were very enjoyable to do.  I think I did about three like that.

I got out my jewelers loop and looked at the image very close, I was amazed I was able to get some of the detail I saw in there.  It made me yearn to do an etching.

But what I’m doing today is watercolor.  I want to draw in ink and then lay in some watercolor wash to the image and I would like it to be on Arches text wove so that I can eventually print the images as well.


A hiker sitting on a mountain top.  I want to work on the rock he’s sitting on today, I think that will be the biggest challenge of this work.

Also around the studio Sue just finished some special order butter dishes.
butterdish_allShe got a request for one and figured she might as well make several of them, people have requested them in the past, but they are labor intensive and probably will be in the 40 dollar range, or more.
butterdish_cowHere’s my favorite one, with a cow on it.  Love it!!!
She’s so talented!!!!

A New Committment and Look to the Blog

So much seems to change and yet stay the same.  What changed with Eating Art was my enthusiasm for it.  So many life changing events occurred in the last couple of years, that it affected my creative sensibilities.  However though it all I absorbed life and now I will try to bring it all out creatively.

Having our daughters grow up and leave home affected me deeper than I thought.  There were many nights of awakening, wondering and thinking about them.  When they were younger I never worried in the middle of the night about them, I could always just go into their bedroom and see that they were ok.

Having me for my Mom, soon to be 94, as her caregiver.  That’s takes time mostly, but also it brings much thought and contemplation about life and what it’s like to get old, really old.  Like Mom says, “If I only knew how young I was when I was 62”.  She’s an amazing inspiration to our family.

Having disillusionment with friends and not being forceful enough to express myself to them.  That pretty much changed a total social network for me.  It gave me much to think about and still does.

Having a heart attack, recovery and pills forever.  Makes one think.

So I guess I’ve spent much time thinking, writing down notes and visualizing.
I also have a passion for drumming and composing new Adirondack rhythms.  I want to incorporate more poetry and perhaps some acting into the mix as well.  I currently have a drum program that is 30 minutes long, consists of nine original rhythms, two with my poetry and one rhythm, re-arranged from the Mountain Drum days.  I want to make a one hour or longer program along these lines.  For now you can follow my progress here.  But as I record new tunes and make better recordings of current tunes then I will post them here.

I’m developing a vision for my future, as I will be 63 on July 26th.  Once I read a book titled, “The Artist’s Way”.  It’s a personal program one takes to restore their creativity.  Now I’m thinking of doing it again, just for me.  It will enable me to stay focused on what I truly want to do now.

One of my problems has been not being focused on my art work.  I do so many other things that aren’t creative that I’ve found it hard to make that switch.

My new commitment to Eating Art and the blog will also bring me around to where I want to go.   I needed to meditate on continuing it, and I’ve remembered that Eating Art always promoted moving forward.  Taking creative risks, don’t get homogenized and making the best work you can.

And this blog will follow me on my creative journey ahead, and I’m going to encourage Sue to also begin a blog.