The summer season is off and running.  We pretty much stay close to home during the summer because a large part of our income, comes from summer sales, so we are open every single day.

Now with the Ironman bike race in the area we have to close that day.  Last year we closed for the whole weekend because business was so bad.  Don’t know what we’re doing this year for Ironman.  I’m feeling like staying home and drumming for them.

Sue took on a dinnerware order.  She’s not turning anything down right now… this would be a great time to get her to make something she wouldn’t have made several years ago……let’s think of something………hmmmm… about a salsa dish…..I remember her turning that down.  I mean she’s taken on butter dishes…..!!!

So she’s made the plates and now they have to slow dry and cycle through the kilns.

Earlier I talked about my etching “The Hunter”, that I am framing for a customer.  They wanted it in a barn frame and I had just found an old one that was 13 by 16…..the print they had was in a 13 by 14 mat……So I added a turkey feather to the mat…..take a look….

It gives it a handsome look.  The guide Mark who posed for this etching gave me the feathers from a turkey.  I’ve used them for many things over the years, it’s always good to have a bad of feathers around when your an artist.

I looked in on Mom this morning and we walked down her driveway, and fixed her food for today, she’s all set for a nice fourth.

I’m going to take my watercolors under the tree and practice painting sky.  I’m loving the watercolors and looking for my own way to express them.

I’ll probably play piano, I’m working on “Misty” at present, and play my drums, Sue will work on the dinnerware set, I think.

No kids home for the fourth, so it’ll be quiet for Sue and I.