Music Day

Today was a music day.  It actually started last night when Sue and I attended the second night of “Opus” at the Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay.  It was an excellent performance and probably the best I’ve seen there.  Of course excluding the one’s I wasn’t able to see there, because I was in them.

I was  wired from the play last night, almost like I had performed.  It was that good for me.  I’ve been thinking a lot about music and loved the way that Bob’s character, Dorian, described the sexual nature of the music he was playing.  Just several days before I had been telling Sue of a goal I’ve developed for my piano playing.  I want to be able to play a small repertoire of bluesy tunes, enough to be able to go into a piano bar and have people “put bread in my jar”.  I was describing what it’s like for me to get lost in the music, the only comparison is having sexual energy welling up inside and taking over.

I’ve had a piano ever since I was ten or so.  Took lessons twice in my life and have continuously played all these years.  Presently and for 20 years we’ve had an upright that belongs to Sue.  Although she doesn’t play much, she can read music enough to play a  tune, she’s better at guitar and I love listening to her play.

Playing piano has been a struggle for me, I really have to work at it, it doesn’t come easy.  For years while the girls were growing up I worked on Beatles tunes, but now I’m getting back to my blues roots, whatever that means.  I’m working on “Misty” at present.  I’m going to be working on “St. Louis Blues” which I already know somewhat.  Another one I’m seriously looking at is “Bell Bottom Blues”.

I go to a place on the web to buy music, it’s called Music Notes, and I can print out the music and listen to it on an application from their site.

So….I played piano a lot today, but I also was in the gallery with customers and one woman wanted to buy my drums.  I told her they weren’t for sale, and of course we got to talking about drums.  She is from India, her husband is from the US and has lived in India for quite some time it sounds like.  He happened to have some wonderful music from Shujaat Khan on sitar and gave me a copy.  At the same time a good friend Erdvidlas came in, he’s given me a wonderful collection of Indian, Asian and Middle Eastern music.  When I work in my studio it’s usually to sitar music.  So this developed into a social event in the gallery, especially when they spotted my sitar.

You never know what adventure will happen in the gallery.  After being in business for 28 years, we’ve met a lot of people and made a lot of friends.

Everyday in the gallery is like a blank canvas.