Hot Days of Summer 2011

Ahh….can’t enough of these summer days.  Love to feel the warm ground on my feet.  I feel really restricted when I wear shoes or sandals, so I go barefoot most of the summer and in the winter I wear socks.  There are some days when my feet never touch a shoe, that is a good day.

Gallery business is slow, so we made the outside of the gallery look as if something big were happening over the weekend……


We put the canopy up, Sue put out her craft show displays, I put a painting on the outside wall.  I put a couple of “Pottery” banners up on the corner road side signs and we waited.

Saturday was a good day, we had several new customers.  The first lady to stop by said she’s been driving by for years and always wondered about us, she was on her way to play golf in Placid, but she bought a nice bowl and said she’d be back.  So Saturday turned into an old fashioned summer business day.  Sunday though was a bomb.  One week to “The Ironman Race” and we will have to close for the day.  There are only 8 or 9 summer weekends for businesses like ours and they have taken one away.

Now I love bike riding, swimming and running, and I admire the athletes who participate in the grueling Iron race, I just wish they would close someone else’s road for the day.  As an Adirondack business in the Town of Jay, it’s been a challenge to make a living as an artist here.  We have had to use our creativity and raw energy endlessly to make it happen.

In addition I believe the “Race” has destroyed business the whole week prior to the event, because people now know that if you are driving in this area you have to deal with hundreds of bicycles on the roads, so they just don’t come here.  Us and the Jay Craft Center agree that business for this whole week is terrible and the whole “Ironman” weekend is a bomb for our business.

It would have been nice had the Town consulted with business owners who would be affected by the race requirements that they close half of our most important roads in town for the day.

Last year Sue and I went away for the whole weekend and visited with Emily in Rochester, this year Corrine is coming home and we’ll celebrate my 63rd birthday.  I’m planning on drumming the bikers up the hill as long as I’m going to be here.  I not a total sour puss….


Here’s one of my fantasies…… learn about ten good blues tunes on piano and go to some bar and customers put bread in my jar…….I think I wrote about this already.  I’m working on it everyday.  Sue took some photos of me practicing “Misty”.  Sometime’s I sing along, but right now I need total concentration on my piano playing.