Fresh Kilns and calling for an Apprentice

Sue didn’t do a Farmers Market last week because she needed the time to make pottery, and she just finished a large and small kiln.
8_16_lrgkilnHere are the contents of the large kiln.  Sue has developed a new blue and black glaze as well as some new designs.


The small kiln doesn’t usually get fired to a glaze temperature, Sue uses it mostly to bisque the pottery.  It does a nice job when it does go to full temperature, both kilns are within three years old and both are run by digital systems.  They have been very acurate, but we’ve already replaced two relays in the smaller kiln.  It’s not expensive or hard to do, but it puts the kiln out of work for a couple of weeks till the part arrives.

I haven’t been writing because it’s been busy in the gallery and busy in our lives.  We’ve taken advantage of the cultural scene in the Adirondacks, having gone to several plays and concerts.

But now I’m gearing up to make some books.  In September we are part of the Studio Tour created by the Artists Guild in Saranac Lake.  It isn’t nearly as good as the tour we use to put on for the artists in Jay, but we’re hoping that over the years it will build into a very profitable weekend.  This will be our third year and there are more participants in Jay this time and that should make it more worth peoples time to come here.  I think the first year it was just us and the Jay Craft Center and then next year it was four and now I think we have six located in Jay and more in Wilmington.

On Sunday of the tour I’m doing a book binding demo, of the Piano Hinge binding.  I want to have examples of the book in each stage of creation and then I want to have plenty of books to sell, because I will offer them at half price for that day.

There is so much cutting to do with this book, that I sent the word out, via Jay Community News, requesting an apprentice.  I received 12 requests and decided to choose two because there were so many.  The apprentices will cut the notches out of the paper for several hours.  I will go over the whole book making process with them and they will weave together two books for themselves as well.

If this works well, I have other books that need lots of cutting.
8_16_bookprepSo today I cut some boards and papers and glued some test pieces to make sure I’ve got it right and the glue is good and it’s a go.