The Flood

The flood of August 28-29 in the valley of the East Branch of the AuSable River was devastating to many families and the community at large.

First off we had no damage, I was busy for three days running a generator for my Mom who was on oxygen, cooking and cleaning, etc…..

We have friends who lost their homes, some of them are salvageable but will have to be stripped of sheetrock and probably re-wired.

Luckily we only lost a week of business as roads into Jay were cut off and detours abounded.  We continue to help out where we can.

I feel really lucky and we are giving back to the community in many ways, but I also wonder about what is going on, with almost everything.

This flood was seven feet above the former high water mark, houses flooded that never flooded before in 150 years of living in the valley. That was pretty unusual.

I’m concerned that the weather is really affecting business in general, that the government, both sides, have really affected business too.  There just seems to be an incredible greed and corruption that has eaten away at the fabric of our Government.  I know business is good if your a very large international company, because they’ve moved all their jobs overseas for cheap labor, but that’s left a huge portion of country out of the middle class and thus, out of small mom and pop business like the one Sue and I run.

I know it’s a fact.  We have many friends who are just like us, run really small businesses and we are all in the same boat.  The fabric of this country is changing and I don’t know it or like it.

So this has turned from weather into politics and that is never good.  ha ha ha

I guess it’s just frustration with everything.  We have close to 30 years of business in the Adirondacks, many ups and downs, making it totally as craftspeople.  Raising two thriving daughters, contributing to the community and the Adirondacks in so many ways.  Making a difference I will dare say.  And now facing an uncertain future, with the weather and the economy.

Like so many others.