Orders, New Designs and Cutting Lottsa Paper

Goblet sales had slowed down for this summer and then out of the blue four separate orders came in.

Sometimes customers want to have the wording around the rim specialized, I don’t think Sue charges extra for that.  She keeps a list of her sayings posted somewhere in the studio, so she doesn’t have to come up with new sayings each time.

We’ve never understood how retail sales work, but after being in business for so long we have seen patterns emerge.  One of the patterns is like these orders for goblets.  Goblet sales really were lax over the summer, usually it’s one of the more dependable items, people are always buying them for gifts.  Then out of the blue come four orders.

Sometimes in the gallery we’ll notice something that is just sitting there for the longest time, we will pay attention to it and move it, or turn it around or something like that, and very soon after it will sell.  No kidding.  We’ve seen it so much it’s spooky.  It’s like we put our attention and energy into the piece and customers were drawn to the energy that was still there.  We’ve talked with Lee & Cheri from the Jay Craft Center about this and they totally agree in this phenomenon.

Recently Sue did some Raku.

We had a new propane tank put in and we tested it, it worked fine as you can see.

I love her shapes they are so organic and alive.

I’m her biggest fan.



A while back I advertised for apprentices to help me cut paper.  I got a big response from the Jay News and chose two.  One fellow I just never seemed to hook up with and he lived over by Styles Brook which flooded really bad, so I might not hear from him again, as he was a professor in a university and must be back at school by now.  My other apprentice still might work, but she teaches pre-school and we have yet to work out a time.  So….I started the dreaded cutting of signatures for forty books.

I have a cardboard template I made, line up the slots and cut away, I have 6 sheets of paper there, so I’m cutting through 12 layers all together once folded.  This is why I hate doing this part of the book, it’s so tedious and hand numbing.

I’ll also take some photos when I weave the pages and covers together, then I’ll make a creative tour of the Piano Hinge book and put it on my Bookarts website.

Sue unloaded a kiln yesterday.


I thought this piece was really cool.  Sue was pinching this pot with the neck off to one side when she did a demonstration for someone to show them how her molds work.  She chose the cat mold and then she didn’t want to waste the cat so she attached it to the pinch pot she was working on.  That’s how this pot came about.  I love the little pink tongue.

Blueberry Stoneware mug by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

I noticed this mug came out of the kiln, I love her blueberry design, I hadn’t seen it on a mug before.

Pottery by Sue Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

This is Sue’s new blue glaze and new Multicultural design.  It’s based on Henna designs and Sue keeps some ideas on a sheet of paper tacked up in her studio.

9_7_11_hennadesignsThe thought just occurred to me about making an Eating Art page about all the things we have hanging in our studios.

Recently I heard Sue telling a customer about the energy she receives from the gourds she has hanging in her studio.  They wanted to buy one and she wouldn’t sell it, and that was the reason.

Sue had a wall of admiration until recently, we had to move it when we put the pellet stove in.  It contained letters and cards from people and groups that Sue has made work for or did volunteer work for.  We’ll have to find another place to put it.

In my studio I seem to have a lot of written words on the walls, or sketches of ideas.