Studio Tour, Gardening, Canning and Freezing

It just got busy around here.  Studio Tour weekend, the apples and grapes are ripe, if we don’t get the grapes soon the raccoons will eat them.

9_21_11_grapes 9_21_11_appletree

So we secured them with a mesh cover while they finish ripening.  After the tour we will make apple sauce and apple jelly, then work on the grapes.

We’ve almost always have had a vegetable garden in the back.  When the girls were growing up we grew a lot.  We even had a pretty good size corn field one year.  I can picture the kids picking the carrots, washing and eating them.  I remember when we hired Annie Wise, a friend and Sheppard, to watch after Emily during the summer months when we were busy.  They would stroll through the garden sampling the bounty.

This year we had problems in the spring.  It was too wet.  Our tiller broke.  We were too busy.  We started some seeds as we always do, but there was such a lack of sunshine that it was just terribly hard this year.

I guess that’s why I’m so excited about the apples and grapes.  We made and froze seven apple pies yesterday.

With the price of food and fuel and absolutely everything, we are making a concerted effort to economize.  Canning and freezing berries and vegetables just makes a lot of sense to us right now.  We always have too much during the summer and not enough in the winter and I really dislike buying food from Mexico and Chile.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with those countries, except for maybe the civil war going on in Mexico.  There might even be one in Chile and I wouldn’t know right now, there’s just too much going on here.


Here’s what the gallery entrance will look like for Studio Tour this year.  We got a good deal on 10 mum plants, love the colors.  In August we planted two very nice Asters.  The Aster pedals are very good in paper so I have to remember to peel them after this weekend and dry them for my next paper making episode.

Studio Tour 2011

This is the third year we’re doing the tour with the Adirondack Artists Guild in Saranac Lake.  They do the tour in the Autumn, we always did ours during the summer months.

Initially the Jay Artisans Studio Tour was the second weekend in July.  The second was noted because it was always a slow weekend coming off of the Fourth of July.  Then the Ironman Race decided that was the weekend they were going to race.  Of course no one bothered to poll the businesses in town as to whether this was a good idea for our tourist dependant businesses and so we moved the Jay Tour to the second weekend in August.


I dug into the archives on my cloud and found this from 2003.  Cheri Cross went out and got sponsors for the tour so we raised move printing money.  I worked on the brochure.

9_21_11_studiotour05By 2005 we were combining the JEMS brochure with the Studio Tour brochure, I think this was Fred’s idea, it was also used to promote Tourism for Jay.

I did the brochure and Cheri got our advertisers

2007 was my last year doing it, because it was too much of a hassle dealing with all the details it takes to put it together.  I had some serious fallings out with people and I just decided it was better use of my time to look after number one and our own business.

Joan took the Tour over for two years and did a wonderful job.  It was a real treat to just pay our $50 entry and sit back for the benefits.  I never got paid for all the time spent on the brochure, gathering info and dealing with people.

That’s why we love this new Tour too.

Sue was the impetus to get us involved in the Saranac Lake Tour.  They get a grant and a large distribution.  There are over 30 studios to visit and it goes for three days.

We are very happy to be a part of it.  We don’t see nearly as many people over here as they do in Saranac Lake and compared to our Jay tour it’s probably less than 25%, but ours was in the heart of summer, and to have this Tour happen on a Fall Foliage weekend works really well.  This year we will be demonstrating, wheel throwing, clay instruments, raku and book binding.