Our Studio Walls

We have a lot of shelves in the studio, filled with all kinds of things, even other potters who come into our spaces comment on the organization.  It’s hard to believe it looks organized to anyone.

With whatever wall space that is still there, that is taken up with whatever……..take a look…..

onthewalls_1 onthewalls_2
This door leads to the chemicals and large kiln, Sue has posted pictures of inspirational pieces of pottery on it. Can you see the cube hanging in the air.  It hangs over Sue’s wheel like a cloud, it has pictures on it, I have to ask her what it means.

onthewalls_3There’s a beam that Sue hangs all sorts of things from.  Baskets, old teapots and pine cones, gourds, trinkets from our trip to Chinatown, mugs, more pine cones…..

This is above Sue’s wedging table.  She has a list of the Clay Weights of all the pottery she makes.

onthewalls_5 onthewalls_16
 On the very top is a poem Sue wrote.“A child’s boots stick in the mud
Puddles dry and crack
Images whirl pas on a long bus ride
Fodder for a future potters dreams”
Below that are the sayings that Sue
writes on her Goblets.
 This I’ve shown before in the blog, they are Henna designs that Sue keeps up to inspire her new “Multicultural” design pottery.


I work out thoughts on large pieces of newsprint, then hang them around the studio while I think about them.
onthewalls_8Behind that drawing on the left this paper hat is pinned to the wall.  It was worn by me as “Teach” in American Buffalo.
onthewalls_10Says it All

When I use to get the Sunday Times I would cut out pictures and words all the time.  One time I made an art piece out of a bunch of word strips from the Art Section of the Times and entered it into a show, got an honorable mention.
onthewalls_9Family photos and a Christmas picture from a very young CJ
onthewalls_11Charcoal on newsprint idea

onthewalls_6 onthewalls_13
 A copy of my Woodstock ticket, and a poster, after the fact.  I was on leave from Vietnam for this concert.  From War to Love in five days.  The remnant of a once favorite tee-shirt.  Jefferson Starship in Central Park
w/ The Outlaws in 1975.  The painting below it is done by my mother.
 onthewalls_15  onthewalls_14
 I have some whimsical cut-outs on my walls.  The kid on the left has the caption, “This is Art?”

Of course I always have something to do.


This is a pen and ink drawing from a couple of photographs I took in Vietnam.
A older girl carries her sister and a boy squats near a wall.  A school bag is
on the ground and parts of a bicycle.

For me it’s so emblematic of all wars.
I don’t dwell on it, but it was so pivotal an experience for me,
I want it to help shape my thoughts even forty plus years later.

Thanks for looking at our Studio Walls