First Date, Winter Ready and Back to Work

When I was going through the scrapbook recently I came across this.


Sue and Terry, November 1981 at Steinhoffs Inn Wilmington
We were having dinner after the craft show we organized for
Mountain Artists of NY.  The photo was taken by Dick Parks.

I was a vendor at the 1981 Lake Placid Horse show, where I met Stevie Bowman, Jeri Wright and Annoel Krider.  We put together a party at Stevie’s house for local artists and craftspeople to meet one another.  At that party and I guess a subsequent meeting we organized a craft show at Steinhoffs Inn.  I had experience in putting shows on and Sue joined me.  I guess you could say this was our first date.

Lately we’ve been out of the studio more than inside.


One day Sue went over to Scotts when he was pressing cider from his trees.  Sue loves cider, I’m not such a big fan.


I’m a bigger fan of goat cheese.  This is Asgaard Lane to the Asgaard Farm in AuSable Forks.  They are open on Saturday mornings and they sell organic meats and cheeses.

Years ago I did an etching of this lane.


Here’s the scene outside our house’s front door.  The gallery deck is behind the bush on the left and Hamlin Mountain across the street is under a cloud.  Autumn was a little later, very pretty, but our large maple which usually turns heads, stops buses and leaf peepers never got to its bright red this year.  But the bright orange was spectacular.


It’s that time of year to finish up the outside chores and get ready for the inevitability of winter. I haven’t as yet put away the outside chairs, there’s still going to be lots of nice days to sit outside.


Sue’s back in the studio, this is her second day of mug making.  We have a month until the Holiday Sale, the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Sue will be making a page of sale items on the website, if we don’t have your email address….send it over and you will find out when the Website Sale begins.


This is why I wanted to have apprentices.  To cut and prepare as much of this work as possible.  When I got a response of 14 people I choose two and then Tropical Irene came to town.  My apprentices never came to help, because they needed to help themselves and their neighbors from the storm damage.  There are so many components to this piano hinge binding, staining skewers, cutting twigs off my bushes, folding and cutting paper………I have made about 30 of them and I have ten others in the wings.  I will never make them again.


Perkey’s Elves came to visit and we bought some of her Holiday work,  Tree ornaments and balsam pillows.  Mrs. Perkey is in her 80’s I imagine and makes these wonderful crafts out of birch bark.  We haven’t seen her for a couple of years, so this is fun to have her wonderful craft work again.


Sue made a new batch of “Warmers”.  She picked out some wonderful fabric designs and filled them with seed corn.  Every year she make a batch for sale in the gallery.


Here’s the madness in my studio….a picture is worth a thousand words.