Recording, Throwing Pots and Poetry

Sue’s throwing pots and getting ready for her big pottery sale the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I’m suggesting we call it, “Occupy our Gallery and come to our Tea Party”.
Because Sue always has tea and cookies for her sale.  I don’t know about the name in this climate, but I think it would be fun.


Sue use to have the big tea pot sale, but after several years I think everyone who wanted one or gave them away did so and we saturated the local market.  But Sue will still have a nice selection of traditional and foot teapots for 25% off.

Right now Sue is on hold with the cold that I had last week.  Now my Mom has it too and I have to pay careful attention to her health now while she works it through her system.  Mostly it was one day of sore throat and a week of sniffles, so I’m hoping it will be the same with Mom and Sue.

I’m back in the Recording Studio, I should come up with a name for my studio.  I just turned, “Journey up Gill Brook to Indian Head”, into an mp3, you can listen here, that’s my Adirondack Drummer web site, give it a moment to load on a separate page.

I’ve hiked Gill Brook many times, meditating at all the waterfalls, drawing them and mindfully walking onto the next one.  I wanted to capture the wonderfully subtle changes in the sounds of one little waterfall to the next.  Then everything changes as you climb up to Indian Head outlook

I had written a poem about Gill Brook, titled, “Stream of Sound” and I would like to somehow incorporate the drum piece and the poems, this will be a work in progress.  Here’s the poem.

Enchantment begins
because I want it that way.
Allowing myself to be
swept away by water,
forest and day.Sitting in a brook,
upon ancient rock
listening, absorbing sound,
a world of life
flowing past me.There is so much here
I’ll never get to touch,
only know that in my soul
I bathed for a little while
in it’s waters.Water that has swirled
around this planet since eons ago,
passing here now,
as it has passed
every traveler since time began.playful, slapping, pouring
I watch it splash,
foam and bubble together
I hear different moods
of the waterfallsI feel this moment
I observe the placement
of rocks over time,
I hear this day,
at this very spot.
The trail turns to Indian Head lookout
receding into the forest,
my mind feels as rinsed clean
by the sound of water
as if I had taken a cleansing bath.So intent I was listening
to flowing water
that now in the quiet of the woods
I meditate
and transcend with the forestSoon I burst out
upon a glorious rock
to see
the lower and upper
Au Sable Lakes.Wind comes soaring up the valley
rises against the small mountain
pressing, condensing
and along with the rock
I stand into it.I open my ears for the sound of it
My mouth instinctively opens
for the taste of it
freshly made in this glorious land
and now temporarily belonging to me.

It might turn out to be that I do the poem and drum piece separately, reading the poem first and them drumming the rhythms.

My immediate recording goals are to finish the five pieces I don’t have up on the Adirondack Drummer website as yet.  I’m relatively happy with the five that are up there, though I feel I can do better, but I’m still learning to record.  The ones with poetry and percussion are the hardest to record, because I can’t seem to do them at the same time and I’m learning to get a good dubbing of my voice in afterwards.

Another thing I want to record is Sue’s Udu’s and Xylophones.