Mussels, Fresh Kiln, Tower Album III

It’s Halloween night, I have to keep reminding myself, because I don’t have any children at home  to do the reminding for me anymore.  We always had a plan of attack for this night and the kids always got a lot of candy.  Once when Ula was here as our foreign exchange student she was so excited about Halloween, because apparently in Poland they don’t have this.  She was beside herself waiting for the evening to come.

Sue and I love mussels.  We have a wonderful recipe we learned from Steve (Uwe) Riehs (  Most other recipes I’ve seen for mussels are much simpler, just oil, garlic and basil.
10_31_11_musselprepThis recipe is a little more involved, but not to, it also involves bacon…….ahh…..I have your attention now.  2 poblano peppers, half an onion, 6 cloves of garlic, a cup of chicken or veggy broth, blend.  (Crackers and goat cheese for a snack).  In a 6 quart stock pot, a little oil and just a little thick bits of bacon, brown and add the poblano blend, heat for a minute and add the mussels.  Stir and cook covered for 3 to 4 minutes until they open.
10_31_11_musselpotIn this photo I just put the mussels in, I forgot to take a photo after they were done, I was too hungry !!    Remove from heat, add juice from 1 orange along with some zest (because its free) and a bunch of basil and your ready.  Be sure to have a nice baguette ready to soak up the broth.
10_31_11_sueglazingHere’s Sue glazing a multi-cultural mug.

And here’s the fresh kiln.

This kiln was about one third orders and I believe that from here on out all pottery will be for the sale, which takes place on November 19th and 20th.  Sue is going to try and have some pottery available on the website for web sales, all pottery will be 25% off.

Tower Album III

This book begins with ripping sheets of Reeves BFK, 100% cotton paper from France.  It’s the same paper I use in printmaking and is also good for watercolor.  The tower album  has a binding that allows it to expand to accept photographs and cut-outs, such as scrap-booking.

On 30 sheets I place a 3/4 inch template and with a folder tool I made a score along the paper enabling me to fold the paper very accurately.
10_31_11_paperfoldThe paper has a fold on one end of 3/4’s of an inch, so that when all stacked together the binding side will be thicker than the other side.  The fold accommodates whatever will eventually be added to the page by the owner.

The paper block is drilled through in four places and linen thread is tied to secure the block
10_31_11_paperblockThe thread gets cut very close to the block.
10_31_11_daveyboard_1Binders board is prepared.  One piece is cut to the correct size while the other has a gap which will allow a hinge to work
10_31_11_daveyboard_2The hinge is a piece of linen tape.  This is the basis of a Japanese Stab binding.  A binding that works very well for this sort of book.


I chose a wonderful piece of hand marbleized paper from an artist in Oregon for the book cover, and for the end sheets which you can’t see here I have a Japanese paper.  The tower has a wonderful splotch of Oxblood Red on top, I thought it would work with the colors in this paper.

You can see more of this book and others here at my Book Arts site.