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Book Party Project, Pottery and Ideas

One of our local libraries put the request out for anyone interested in doing a project at the library.  I quickly remembered when we use to have the Book Parties in our gallery.  Back then we made it a pot luck and prepared special invitations, some of them were puzzles that had to be figured out.  People would come to the party not really knowing what was going to happen.  But they have turned out to be some of our best parties.

So….I thought of that and wanted to bring this idea to the Library.  What better place!
11_6_11_book_tableSeventeen adults and children passed through and created a book or two from this project idea.  You decorate a piece of paper, then with a series of folds and one cut you fold the paper into pages of a book.  Some of what you decorated is now upside down and totally out of context from the full decoration.  That is where you begin to write you book.  Look at the cover, come up with a title and write the book.

Sue and I did several of these pot luck book parties in the gallery over the years

This group of young ladies brought their own leaves to color and use as a stamp, and they made some great patterns and designs on their papers.

Two weeks to the Holiday Sale, it’s coming on way too fast for me.  Sue is busy everyday right now, making pottery, glazing and firing kilns.

Sue has these pots drying today.  Plates of a sort that are textured and a base is put on the bottom to lift them slightly.  I love the visuals that the textured patterns reflect.

It is said that an image is worth a thousand words, and it can be true.  We are currently working on making video’s available through youtube, showing some of the work and techniques that we use.

I’ve been spending more time on youtube than on the tv.  I search for music videos a lot but I’m also interested in talks by university professors, and people who drum or act.  Like I’ve been working on the Rolling Stones song, “Angie” on the piano.  I wanted to see the Stones doing the song and I found them on youtube, but I also found many other just regular people like myself who were playing and uploading their versions of the songs and it was very inspirational.

It reminded me of when I was in art school and what a creative environment that was, to walk around the studio and see what everyone was doing.  The internet and youtube are kinda like that in that you can see what everyone is doing around the world.