Blog Apology, Thistle Pots and Quilting

I feel I must apologize to my blog for not visiting.  I feel terrible.  All my new plans to have videos up and running fell apart.  I shot a lot of footage of showing how Sue makes her thistle pots but for some reason my computer runs out of memory and I can’t do anything with it.  It’s so frustrating as anyone with a computer knows from time to time.  I had footage of our Holiday Sale too and how the gallery looked but that’s not going to happen either.  So for now it’s back to photos……

Sue got a wonderful order for 12 thistle pots, some with legs.  After I saw all the legged thistle pots it made me think of aliens from space, we fooled around with the idea of Sue pursuing a show of just all size thistle pots.  Some could be displayed in a diorama kind of display, and the background could be from the moon or another planet.

I’ve been quilting.  My Mom is going to be a great-grandmother for the third time this coming spring and she is making a quilt for the baby boy.  However this time she needs a lot of help.

Mom is 94 and pretty feeble.  On oxygen most days and 50% of the time uses a wheelchair to get around her house.  Although she struggles physically, mentally she’s right on top of things.

This project has been going on for two months now.  We’ve shopped for fabric three times, and changed the quilt design about five times, but now we are on track.

I’ve cut fabric into the proper thickness, then put sewing lines a quarter of an inch indent from the sides, ironed and stacked.  So there’s a nice selection of colors and patterns to choose from.

Mom likes to hand sew, and she’ll do that when she’s having a “good” day.

Sue showed me how to use the sewing machine, and I’m still learning and improving but I’ve finished my first square.  The colors will be yellows and blues, and the pattern is a “Log Cabin” design.

Much of my time goes to helping Mom these days, but I am planning on some studio work real soon.  I need to prioritize my time again for myself if I want to get anything creative done.  The problem is I spend a lot of time on the piano and drums too.