Crab Cakes, Singing, “Lets Make A Deal” and Happy New Year

I thought I would post how I make my crab cakes.  There are lots of recipes I’m sure, but this one suits us just fine.  We learned it from our Chef friend Uwe about two years ago and make it for our parties and to help out at fund-raisers.
12_31_11_ingredientsI doubled the recipe for this party.   This made 51  2-3 bite sized cakes.  Sue is making some tartar sauce.  It has 1cup red onion, 4tsp garlic, 2 jalapeno (seeded), 4tbs cilantro, 3tbs thyme, 3tbs tarragon, 10tbs (one small container) mascarpone cheese, ½cup mayonnaise, 2tbs lemon juice, 2tsp zest and 1cup panko breadcrumbs.
12_31_11_choppedGarlic, jalapeno (seeded), red onion and cilantro, minced and ready.
12_31_11_onionThis is a reason I love cooking, scenes like this one

All those ingredients from above gets mixed with 2lbs of lumb crab meat.  You can use claw meat as well or a mixture of the two.

I try to be very gentle with the crab as I mix everything together, although it is important to get a consistent mixture, I love having cakes with lumps of meat in there, and lots of it!

So after it’s been mixed very gently it gets formed into these cakes.  We used an 1/8 cup measurer for this batch of 40.  We pankoed the tray to lay the cakes on, then covered the cakes with more panko, covered the tray and left in the fridge overnight.  Tomorrow they will prepare for the hot oil.

I’ll use flour, crushed ritz crackers, a little paprika, salt and panko.  Blend it all, coat the crab cake and dip into the egg wash and back into the crust mix completely coating.  Then dip them into 350 degree oil, maintaining carefully that temperature.  This will fry those babies and keep the oil from penetrating into the crab mixture, they will be crispy on the outside and wonderful on the inside.

New Year’s Eve Party at the Gallery

Well, I don’t know how many parties we’ve had in the gallery over the years, poetry readings, art workshops, drum workshops, plays, music.  We even had a ping pong party in there.

I know we’ve had quite a few New Year’s eve parties, I can think of one where over 50 people came and it was so hot outside that year we had both of the gallery doors open like a summer evening.

This year we have an interesting line up.  The Jay Singers will be performing and acting in places.  Each will have a nice solo performance and they all sing together as well.  Annie sings a piece from Fiddler on the Roof.
12_31_11_singersColleen sing’s “People” and Kathy and Tara act out a song called “Sisters”.

After the music section I will offer up “Let’s Make A Deal”, based on the original TV Game Show.  We played it once before about 6 years ago and our friend Herb MC’d for us and did a wonderful job.  This year I’ll do the MCing.  We have a really nice assortment of gifts to trade for.

Then quickly after hosting the game I have to pop my spinach croquettes into the hot oil and immediately after that the crab cakes go in.  We’ll have a pot luck thing going on.

We have a projector because one of the Singers songs requires a video to be shown as well.  Afterwards I will use the projector to show a live website of Times Square.

I have big plans for 2012, I’ll have to write down my objectives next time.

Happy New Year, be safe.