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Happy New Year

2012 was decent for our business.  Pottery sold very well and Sue worked very hard at it.  She increased her production by about 30% last year, it turned out to be her most productive year for amount of pots created.  Art and other things were much slower, we’re hoping to see a turn around in 2013 with that.

We’d like to begin buying wholesale craft work again, mostly we’ve been buying jewelry, because that’s always a good seller.  But this year we ordered some wooden puzzles for Holiday shoppers and they sold very well, we had to re-order.  I think this year we only bought wholesale crafts at about 8% of what we did at our peak.  We have about 16 other craftspeople in the gallery at the peak we had about 65.

But we feel very optimistic about 2013 and we are going to be planning on having a busy summer season.

I haven’t been very good at keeping EatingArt updated lately.  My Mom took a turn for the worse in late October and through the whole month of November I was with her from 4 to 6 hours a day.  She had very little energy to do anything and was on oxygen all the time.  She’s much better, but still not where she was and we don’t think she’ll get back there now.  At least I’ve had a bit of a break lately and some days I’m only over there one time.

When we had a Holiday sale the weekend before Thanksgiving I broke down the gallery and moved my drums and keyboard out of there.  I’m storing most of my drums now because I’ve been playing piano mostly.  So while the sale weekend was going on I brought my keyboard over to Mom’s and played for her.  She didn’t like it when I took it away when the weekend was over and wanted me to buy another one for her house.

I told her that was unreasonable and a waste because, I have an upright piano in the house, and I have the keyboard, I can always bring it over once in awhile.  Well she wanted it more than once in awhile, I’ve got a real fan in my Mom.  So Sue put a notice out in our local email newsletter to see if anyone had a used keyboard they wanted to get rid of.  There were several offers, but we settled for one that was just too good to pass up.  For a little bit of cash they delivered a Yamaha Clavinova about ten years old in very good condition.  I have that in the gallery now and the keyboard over at Mom’s.

I have been putting way too much time into playing the piano.  My favorite tunes are Misty and Stardust…..but I’m also playing Angie by the Stones, and some Beatle tunes……..I have music I’ve bought from Music Notes dot com and I’m looking to make a catalog of music for myself of perhaps 10 or 12 tunes I can play from memory.  It’s very relaxing and it’s all I really want to do.

I’d also like to put some of my poetry to music.

Sue has her studio all set for Silk Painting, and when she begins doing that, probably in the early new year I’ll post photos here.  I’m also hoping she will do some sculpture.  My studio has a canvas all set on the easel….now all it needs is a willing artist who takes the time away from piano playing.

Adirondack Autumn and Local Farms

Our gallery is doing well this autumn season, people seem to be out and about and finding our shop.  Sue has kept the gallery with a nice supply of pottery even though she continues to get her wholesale orders out.  Below are three plant containers with Mums in them.
10_12_12_2hey rest on the deck at the top of the entrance steps.  We have ten of these wonderful Mums to add color to the front of the gallery.
10_12_12_3Asgaard Farm sits in the Au Sable Valley, it was begun by Rockwell Kent and his studio building is still on the premises.  These days it is owned by the Brunner family and you can get goat cheese, chickens, pork and beef there.  For our vegetables we have a csa share with another local farmer.  If you live in this area, it is easy to get all your fresh food directly from the farms.
10_12_12_1I’ve been doing a morning walk around Lake Eaton, a small 15 acres lake not far from our house but real close to my Mom’s house.  So I visit with Mom and then go for a nice walk.  This time of year there will always be Canadian geese at the lake.  Today there was only this pair, but quite often there can be a large flock.

There’s a small dock to fish from with a row boat we can use to get out onto the lake.  I particularly liked the reflection of the clouds in this photo.

I can walk down Mom’s hill to a dirt road and then pick up a trail spur that leads into the trail the home association has made around the lake.  I seldom see anyone on the trial.  Today I noticed that many different kinds of mushrooms popped up overnight.

10_12_12_12 10_12_12_6

10_12_12_8 10_12_12_4

These are just some of the one’s I saw, another thing that catches my eyes are the different and colorful kinds of mold and lichen that is everywhere in the woods.
10_12_12_10So a small fallen tree after a while receives a coat of green mold.

We are lucky to have this lake to use.









It’s beautiful in each season.

Studio Tour, New Work

I’m disappointed in myself for not posting in September.  The month went by way too fast.  Sue and I did a couple of trips to visit with our girls, Emily’s in Rochester and Corrine is in Rutland, we had a wonderful visit with each of them.  Hope they come home for the holidays at some point.

This was Studio Tour Weekend.  Not much in the way of business or Touries…..there just doesn’t seem to be the same traffic as there once was.  I know for us to travel the 31 miles to Plattsburgh and back for food shopping we need to include eleven dollars for gas.  Visiting with CJ for one day in Vermont we figured we used $44 in gas, so we think that people driving around looking at the fall colors isn’t what it use to be.

But the folks who did come by this weekend were curious and wonderful, we talked about our work and Sue did a nice Raku Firing today.
Raku by Sue YoungThe crackle white was terrific as were the other two pots, which had a nice copper tone and on one of them it had some nice aqua color.  Sue just hadn’t been making much Raku lately, because she’s been so busy with production ware.  I think this firing got to her and we’ll see more of her wonderful Raku.
sept_3For the weekend though Sue was demonstrating platters and small cooking dishes.  Here she is putting handles on a small baking dish.
Stoneware by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYThis is one of my new favorite Sue pieces.  They are simple tumblers in white stone ware with a wonderful new glaze Sue has developed, I want a set for myself.

I’ve been lost creatively for the last two years.  Looking after Mom, worrying about my health has really gotten to me.  I’m struggling to get back to being productive.  I do have the web business that keeps me going, and I’m trying not to take on new clients, but it’s not always easy because people need to have websites……or so they think.

The drawing up above is titled, “A tree reaching out for me in my cave”.  I would really like to to about four drawings before the end of the year.  I need to always have the work in progress at some stage.  So that when I do have time to draw, I have something to work on.

So where’s our country going?  September was terrible for business, Sue and I agree that in Presidential voting years business always languishes.  I don’t feel confident in either party being able to get us out of this mess.  Had it been twenty years ago, yes, I would feel more confident, but these days, with politicians so focused on their own narrow mindedness we’re not moving forward at all.

Both parties got us here, I really have no faith that either will get us out of here.  Hope I’m wrong.

Cat Bowl, Acting, Summer Performance

Sue has not been busier.
Stoneware Cat by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

Here is the cat bowl, it sells for $110.  Sue donated one to a fundraiser for the animal shelter and she made a couple to sell in the shop.  Now she’s taken orders for two more.

I haven’t seen her busier.  I wouldn’t say it’s because of an increase in customers, it’s more and increase in making smaller items and wholesale selling.  She is working almost twice as hard for the same money.

We can feel the days getting shorter in the Adirondacks and the evenings much cooler.  It has been a most spectacular summer here with the weather.  Almost every day in the 80’s with sun.  July was dry, August is wetter.

8_20_12_garden1 8_20_12_garden2

I really enjoy our garden in front of the gallery, lazy Susan’s and cone flowers are in bloom right now.  I’ve been chillin’ on the deck and under the tree.  My acting is over for the summer, “The Birthday Party” by Harold Pinter was very successful, we were over booked for 6 of the 8 performances, and full the other two nights.

Here’s the set on the main floor of the Recovery Lounge, also known as “The Upper Jay Art Center”    For me the play was about facing Reality.  We all try to grab time to ourselves, to disappear in a thought, daydream, work in our studios, hike in the woods, vacation….  But always there is that nagging thought way in the back that we have to get back to our work, family, bills, occupation, whatever it may be.

Doing the play was kind of like that for me actually.  It was an escape from my life.  Practicing lines and going to rehearsals for six months and then the summer came and we were doing complete run through’s and then dress rehearsals and finally the run of the play itself.  It was all going to be over at some point.  There was going to be a let down somewhere in the future.

Whenever I’m involved in a creative project, I usually have my next project ready to go or I’m already involved in it, so the creative let down is less for me.  I went into practicing piano much more once the play was over.
8_20_12_suzyI played “Petey” and Suzy Doolittle played “Meg” in “The Birthday Party”.  It was so much fun working with Suzy, here we are going over lines that start the play.  Suzy’s in costume and I’m not.

Here are Brian and Scott at the make up table.  Everyone was in makeup except for me, I didn’t need any because of my inherent wonderful skin tone I guess.

It sure is fun doing community theater, but we don’t get paid for it.  My last play was going to be “Below the Belt” about four years ago, but this part seems small and juicy, “just right for me”, Scott said.  I found out that even small parts are big, because they all are important for the play and you have to be there for rehearsals all the same.

Now I really think I won’t do any more acting.  I really want to devote as much time to my own creative endeavors, currently, drawing, book binding and playing piano.

Kitchen Tiles

Sue’s been putting together the tile back splash for our kitchen.
Stoneware Tile by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYHere’s she has templates of the back splash areas, and assorted handmade tiles to choose from.  When the design on the template is ready, Sue covers the tile surface with a clear sticky acetate.

Stoneware Tile by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY Stoneware Tile by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

On the left there is mortar on the wall and Sue has cut off a section of her design and is applying mortar to the backs of the tiles.  Then she carefully cradles the tile package and applies it to the wet wall mortar.
Stoneware Tile by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

Stoneware Tile by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY Stoneware Tile by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

Here is Sue at work on another section.
Stoneware Tile by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

Here it is complete, with grout.


Seems to be off to a good start, pottery is certainly selling very good right now.  Over the 30 years we have been here we have seen many changes to summer time traffic and always compare business with the Jay Craft Center, only a mile down the road.  We have very similar situations and business has always been similar as well.

Summer usually starts off big with July 4 and everybody that that brings into the area.  Then in mid July it will get much quieter.  It wasn’t always that way, it use be such that one of us would have to be in the gallery all day long handling business.  But with the IRONMAN coming to Lake Placid (about 10 years ago) and their repeating 52 mile bike route going by our business, that means for at least for one day there will be no business.  Now though that has taken on bigger implications because the size of this race and the support people who come to town must take up many of the hotel and house rentals that normally would have gone to tourists.  So in the weeks leading up to the race tourism for our business has really slacked off, plus I think many car drivers find it quite complicated driving when you have close to 2,000 bicyclists practicing on the roads.

We get a little Ironman business from the competitors, but nothing like it use to be in mid July when tourists roamed these hills.

Over the years even business the Saturday before Ironman race has progressively gotten worse, they put up large DOT signs at all entrances to town warning people of delays and races and the end of the world and all that stuff…….who’s going to come into this area?

Of course we could be totally wrong, but then as soon as the Ironman race is over….business picks up again.

We enjoy the race and usually play our drums as they go by, but just wish they would move the race to another road.


In other news……Sue is firing all the tiles we need to finish our tiling in the kitchen, here’s how she fires tiles.
7_4_12_setdesignThis is part of the set for “The Birthday Party“, by Harold Pinter, Directed by Scott Renderer and actually opening on my 64th birthday…..July 26th and running for 8 shows at the Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay.

Garden Fountain finished

Stoneware Jack in the Pulpit Fountain, by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYNow sitting in the Gallery garden about 48″ in height with water cascading from a jack in the pulpit over the leaves and into a wonderfully shaped shallow bowl.

I love it…..the bees and butterflies love it as well.

Sue posted it on her Facebook page and immediately got a response to buy it.

She’s already talking about creating another one, but doesn’t know her subject on that one yet…..I told her I’d like to see a hummingbird fountain.

Garden Fountain

Sue’s garden fountain this year is going to be a large jack in the pulpit.  Water will stream from the flower.
6_5_12_sueThis was very difficult to accomplish, a lot of pieces went into this, and then drying all these overhanging shapes, without having them bend.  She had all kinds of supports on it.
6_5_12_galleryI can’t wait to see the new fountain in the this garden.  The blue iris’ are in bloom at present and the rose bush will probably bloom this weekend.  Our blueberry bushes are loaded, our grape vine will be mighty fine this year and so will our apple trees.  We still have an apple pie and a jar of grape jelly left from last year.

Fresh Kiln

Sue has been experimenting with a wonderful technique of applying color the same way we make our paste paper designs.  So the cutouts look like the paste paper that we decorate, but it is made of glaze instead.
Pottery by Sue Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYI especially like this shallow bowl in the lower left corner with the rim in decoration.  I think that is going to be a big hit.  To the right in that picture is the earring holder that Sue makes, that’s become so popular.
5_25_12_tool Here she is putting holes through the rims for the earrings.
5_25_12_mugsThis is a new design on some mugs.
Pottery by Sue Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYThese three pieces Sue is entering into a juried show called, Artists for Animals, the opening will be on June first I think.  I don’t see how they could say no to this work.

Pottery Update

I had an interruption in EatingArt.  The server that my web business is on was sold and the new company didn’t want to support my software, because it’s an older version.  But still works every bit as good as new software.  Anyway they wouldn’t support it so I had to move 65 websites to a new server, double check them all and make sure they were all running good, and that’s taken almost two weeks.  So that’s what I’ve done.

Here’s what Sue has been up to:
5_12_12_fountainbase and uduSue decided today to make a fountain for the garden.  Funny thing, we keep selling the fountains that we put out there.  So on the right is the base for the fountain.  On the left is a new udu that she is making.
5_12_12_fountainbowlAnd this will be the bowl.  Sue says she’s going to design a jack in the pulpit kind of thing to fit in the bowl and the water will come flowing out of that….can’t wait to see that!
5_12_12_makingbeads_1When Sue’s not busy with pottery, she’s always doing something.  Here’s she’s designed this template and she’s cutting into scrap paste paint paper and wrapping wooden balls.
5_12_12_makingbeads_2She’ll be using these hand decorated beads in some of her new necklaces.

Here Sue is making a horned animal occarina……..