Gallery views

One of the benefits of having a New Years party in the gallery is that it gets all cleaned up for the new year.  Starting around Thanksgiving we get flowers every two weeks for the gallery, to put in vases and for the Ikebanas.  It really helps sell the work when people can see a beautiful arrangement in Sue’s pieces.
Stoneware pottery vase and goblets by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery. Jay NYBy the time Holiday shopping is over, the gallery needs to be straightened up and having the party is the perfect vehicle.

Raku vase by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery. Jay NY Stoneware vase by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery. Jay NY

It’s very quiet in January and we are closed three days a week now so we can concentrate on studio work.  I love taking a break and strolling around the gallery, looking at the work, getting inspiration and soaking up the good vibes.
1_5_12_gallery_3Some days there is a little snow on the ground and some days there is none, it’s that kind of winter.  Today Sue had a work station set up in the gallery as she was working with a home schooled girl and they were binding a book.  She wrote quite a nice story and she wanted to give the book as a gift to a friend.

When Sue was doing the large mural projects she used a lot of space in the gallery for those projects.  I like sitting by the window, checking out the birds, drawing and listening to music.

But right now is end of year book keeping.  I’ve always been amazed at the amount of book work this little business does.  It’s quite a bit less than it use to be, but it’s enough to keep me busy all this week.  There’s inventory of the wholesale items we buy for the gallery, and inventory of all the supplies we use in the art that we make.  Yearly expenses, etc., etc…

Glad I have the atmosphere of the gallery to keep me sane.