Quilting and being a caregiver

I’ve written down the beginning idea of a play.  About a 94 year old woman and her 63 year old son, and how they are making a quilt together for her new great grandson.  Not only am I learning a lot about quilting, but also about my Mother, Me and life.

1_12_12_quiltHere’s my work station.  Not too shabby huh?  Mom has her work table, formerly the dining room table, set so that it’s bathed in the light from the skylight.  It’s also wonderful to stretch my eyes by looking at the window every so often.  Sometimes a small herd of deer will be out there or a flock of turkey’s, sun streaming through the trees, it’s always a changing picture.

The sewing machine is old and belongs to Sue.  I’ve been able to thread it and prepare the bobbin now.  I’ve run into different problems and fixed them all.  I’m understanding more about the machine and sewing with every stitch.

Mom just doesn’t have the energy to do the cutting and sewing, she does the design work and I do the labor.

She’s made several changes and taken apart some of what I’ve already sewed, but she was working out her ideas and now I think she has it, we have it.  

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it, she threw in an “X Factor”, like in a reality game show.  She wanted to have little squares of a light blue plaid on some of the corners.

It’s certainly harder than what it looks like.  You have to sew the blue plaid into the fabric your going to use, it’s difficult to make it straight every time, and then there are layers going under the needle which adds a new dimension to the sewing.

However, it makes it look more like a baby quilt and it offers up a host of design options for Mom once we get a bunch of these squares made.

I made a trip to the quilting store, I wanted to get something in yellow, but only found one that would work for the quilt.  But they were having a sale and I picked up some blues that looked nice too.  I’m having thoughts and visions of creating my own quilt now, that I can hang in the gallery.  I was looking over the selection of fabrics and thinking of ideas.

When I brought the fabric back to Mom I told her I went to Target.  They do not sell fabric but Mom for some reason doesn’t care for the quilting store I went to and thinks their fabrics aren’t good.  They are, but she’s 94 and I don’t argue unless it’s going to affect her health and well being.

I learned to make sure she doesn’t see receipts, unless I want her to.  She didn’t want bread anymore when she saw that a loaf of Pepperidge Farm Thin Bread was four dollars.  I talked her out of it but there were other things too before I got wise.

So there was no quilting today, because we went to see the Doctor today for a regular visit.  All is fine, Mom just runs out of energy and has angina and she’s 94 and a half.  Tomorrow is a visit to the eye doctor, Mom will be getting some new glasses.  Sue will be coming with us to help.

Probably Sunday will be the next quilting day, I’m looking forward to it.