I eagerly anticipated this day.  I’ve come to enjoy quilting, or maybe I enjoy sitting in front of the skylight and having the Adirondack sun warm me on a morning that was 10 below zero.  Perhaps it’s the joy my Mother gets at watching me at the sewing machine, she keeps taking photos of me, apparently she can’t believe it.

It’s also the quiet contemplative time it takes to sew together the pieces of the quilt.

1_15_12_quilt_1 1_15_12_quilt_2

I’ve precut strips of fabric that I want to use and I just lay them next to and over each other to get a feel for them together.  All the centers of the quilt squares have the deep blue square in the middle.  On the right I’m preparing to sew the first strip onto the center square.


1_15_12_quilt_3 1_15_12_quilt_4

So I turn the strip onto its back and line it up on the front side of the square and sew them together along the ¼” line.  I then trim the strip to fit the square.
1_15_12_quilt_5After each sewing of pieces together I iron the piece nice and flat.


1_15_12_quilt_6 1_15_12_quilt_7

My Mom put an Xfactor into this quilt.  After we had started and I’d already made about four squares she decided that she liked this checkerboard blue fabric and that she wanted to have little squares in some of the corners.  I, who never used a sewing machine before and did very little sewing, and that was back in my army days.  (the army actually issued a sewing kit) I now had to do an extra tricky step.

The two fabrics are lined up and then placed good side together and sewed across the right side.  (If you understand that then your doing better than when Mom first told me)


1_15_12_quilt_8 1_15_12_quilt_9

On the left is what it looks like when it works.  Then I take the strip with the blue plaid attachment and line it up on the fabric pieces I already have sewn.  I sew along the bottom line and then when it’s flipped over and ironed

it looks like this.  Four pieces of a nineteen piece square.

Below is the progression of this square.

1_15_12_quilt_11 1_15_12_quilt_12

1_15_12_quilt_13 1_15_12_quilt_14

1_15_12_quilt_15 1_15_12_quilt_16

1_15_12_quilt_17 1_15_12_quilt_18


I’m going fabric shopping tomorrow, I just found out about a fabric store I haven’t been in, I’m turning into a quilting junkie.  I sewed three squares today and now I have eight.  I’m going to need 16 I think, but I’ll put together about 20 so we can mix and match the design and have some choices.

I have an awful lot on my plate it seems all of a sudden.  Tomorrow rehearsals start for the play I’m in this summer, six month commitment there.  So I’m making the time for the quilt making now before that get’s going with too much steam.