Gallery Sales, Orders and Quilt Progress

February is turning out to be a good month.  January was poor and last February was terrible, but this year, this month could be our best February in 29 years of business.  How about that.

Last month Sue put the finishing touches on her Drum and Ocarina combo seen below

Within days of it being in the gallery it sold.  I know I don’t have a really good photo and I’m hoping Sue does.  I never really got to play with it either, I only know from when Sue was testing it how great it sounded.  So that’s gone, she’ll have to try another.  But we do have a video I have embeded from Sue’s YouTube channel….check it out below.


Sue is packing a lot into each day.  She has orders like the dinner ware set below.


There are six plates here drying rim to rim.  She has 16 plates drying right now.  Plates can be very problematic as they dry so Sue lets them take as much time as they need.

These mugs are part of an order for the local PBS station.  Sue is once again making their incentive for donating.  

So things are buzzing along pretty good now.  But being in this business and life all these years I know it turns on a dime.

Like I painted, “Moonrise Over Jay Mountain Range” in 2006.  Over the past five years it’s gotten a lot of looks.  Maybe unlike a lot of artists, I raise my prices as time goes by on each piece.  If it isn’t selling that means the price is too low.  This painting I had to move for New Years because we needed the wall it was hanging on.  So I recently put it back on the wall that is behind the sales counter.  You can’t not notice this painting when you come up to the counter.

I’ve always had people ask be about the painting and make comments.  In the last week though I had two different people show much interest and don’t you know, off it went.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that happen.  I know I’ve spoken of it in this blog somewhere, that when we put our attention into one of pieces, that energy gets picked up by people coming into the gallery and they are drawn to look at it.  Perhaps look at it in a way they hadn’t before.

Sue and I spent many years practicing “intent”.  I guess it’s the art of putting your attention into something and receiving a result you wanted.  Of course making art and craft like we do is doing that already.  But we’ve seen it so many times in our lives and business life as well.

9_quiltI’ve learned a lot recently about fabrics and quilting.  I ran out of some fabric that I haven’t been able to replace but I needed so little, I found a decent replacement at a Jo-Ann Fabric store 90 miles away…….I guess I got the bug.

So each time I finish a square I take a photo and I’ve pieced together some designs that I might use.  I’m still making squares because I want to have a selection.

My mother is of the depression age and she doesn’t approve of this wasteful method.  But you never know with me.  I might use the unused squares for a book cover or something.

I’m already planning my next quilt, it’s going to be for a queen size bed, this one is a baby quilt size, so it’ll be a different world making that one.

I probably way ahead of myself on designing another quilt already, because I still have to do the quilting part of the baby quilt.  Sue said she would join Mom and me and we’d have a quilting bee.