Pottery and Quilting

Sue’s in the studio……look out……she’s focused and experimenting.

I like what she’s doing here.  It’s like marbleizing on pottery
16_potI thought this double rim bowl was an interesting pot.
16_knitpotThis was a request from a customer.  A Knitting Bowl.  I guess you put your yarn into the bowl and bring a string out of one of the openings and it keeps the yarn ball from running all over the place…..good idea so Sue made the next one for alpaca yarn…..

I think this one is really cool and will be a good seller, there’s nothing like alpaca wool.

I’m still working on the quilt.  My mother loves taking photos of me with an iron in my hand or sitting at the sewing machine, like the one below.
16_ironingI’ve pieced together the 24 squares. that each had 19 pieces in each one.

That’s…….a lot of cutting and sewing.  But it was fun and relaxing and I couldn’t think of a better studio to work in.  Having the sun streaming in the window and looking out at the woods and weather, it was really quite a nice experience.

Some of my earlier squares were not the same size.  I made four extra but still came up a little short on some of them.  The binding will now be attached around the perimeter….I’ll start that tomorrow.

Sewing long runs of fabric was hard.  I’d never done that…..I think I need more pins to keep the fabric more in line.  Plus it would help if the sewing table was at the same height as the sewing machine.  So I’m going to make something that will make it easier to sew the long bindings on the sides.

Wow….and this is just a baby quilt.