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Pendant molds, EatingArt menu, Printmaking workshop and new paintings

Sue has gotten really good at carving out her designs.  She has quite a collection of molds that she has created over the years.  I sure wish we had an example of each one.  She has many different techniques in creating a mold.  The photos below are press molds she carved into plaster.

3_25_12_mold_1 3_25_12_mold_2

On the left is a lady slipper and on the right is a violet.  The violet will become an exclusive pendant for Adirondack Life magazine.

A wonderful idea that I’ve had for sometime is to have a restaurant.  The idea will never happen in reality, however why not take it virtual.  For several years we have been taking cooking lessons with chef Steve Uwe Riehs, he has really spiced up our palates and cooking talents and risks.  One thing about living and working in the same proximity is that we always got to back bread and cook meals rather effortlessly for dinner each night.  We developed some really wonderful meals over the years, but got stuck in doing them year after year.

Chef Uwe classes focus on one type of cuisine each lesson.  There are usually classes of ten and he goes over each portion of the meal and has an easy to follow recipe style.  Sue and I have really utilized what we’ve learned from him over the past three years.  We’ve innovated some of the recipes we’ve learned from him, some stay exactly the same.  We continued with our favorite meals from years ago, but now use fresher spices and take risks with our flavors more.

In my virtual restaurant my menu will have all my favorite meals.  I don’t think I could concentrate on any one type of cuisine, I’ll just do whatever pleases me at the time.

The photo above are the ingredients for, braised beef with a lemon grass rub, served over scallion and creamed corn pancakes.  Oh my goodness it was so good.  The recipe doesn’t call for the scallions in the rub, but I add them in there anyway.  Turmeric, coriander, garlic, star anise, black pepper, ginger and garlic all get blended with scallions and lemon grass, throw in some fish sauce and birds eye chili paste.  Wow.

So we used a beef bottom round, sliced into 3″ by 1/4″ slices, browned in some coconut oil in a large fry pan, when they begin to caramelize, the paste goes in, bay leafs, coconut milk and beef stock.  Then it braises for two hours at 300 degrees.

3_25_12_menu_2 3_25_12_menu_3

The scallion pancakes have similar spices, turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander, plus you add a can of creamed corn.
3_25_12_menu_4The scallions on the grill
3_25_12_menu_5They get mixed into the batter and cooked till golden.

I realize I really need to work on my plating skills and making it look as delicious as it really is.  The problem is I didn’t want to take the time once it became ready.  I was too hungry and the bottle of wine was open.

I will work on taking and presenting better photos.  You should check out Chef Uwe’s website and his blog, because he posts wonderful photos of the food he is currently making.

But this one will be one my virtual menu.

Sue took a printmaking workshop with Nadia Korths from Saranac Lake.


This video is from Sue’s YouTube channel and below are two of the prints that Sue made.

3_25_12_print_1 3_25_12_print_2

Spring is beginning in Jay, New York.  Probably two weeks early, although Robins have been working the grounds since January, since there was no snow.  It had been in the 70’s ad 80’s for a week, but this weekend it was chilly in the 40’s and misty.  A good weekend for studio work.

3_25_12_painting_1 3_25_12_painting_2

I did two small paintings.  On the left and 8×10 of a spring stream and the other is 9×12 of a winter bog.  I’m going to make a series of small paintings for the gallery this summer.

The Quilt, Pottery and Beading

3_21_12_quiltThe quilt is finished, here’s the official portrait.

It measures 51″x36″.  I learned a lot and my next one will be slightly better.  My mistakes were in the handling of the sewing machine, but now I’m much more comfortable with that.  My other big mistakes were in squaring up the quilt as I was sewing it.  For this I will use a square next time and make a conscious effort to size properly and square as I go.  That would just be a good habit to learn in quilting, much the same as when I have to do carpentry work around the house.

So Mom designed it, I pieced it and then I was confronted with stuffing it, putting a backing on, binding it and then have a nice quilt design on it.  I was planning on just having a straight line quilt design, because I didn’t have the expertise for anything else.  But the woman at “Loose Threads” told me about quilters who do the quilt design, and they have wonderfully expensive machines to help accomplish this daunting task.

So out of three different business cards she gave us we called the right one for us.  Jean S. Welch in West Chazy NY.  We went to Jean’s house and met her and her husband and what a small world it is because her husband Flip was in the Air Force with a neighbor and friend of mine Jon Nedele, the Adirondack Photographer. 

Jean showed us patterns that she could quilt and we choose one that had swirls and hands on it.  Jean did such a good job because she also bound it and put the stuffing inside, her price was reasonable, she gave us good advice and a quilting book to light more fires in my imagination.  Thanks Jean, your awesome!


I thought this design was perfect for a baby quilt.


Here’s what the quilt looks like on the wall in the gallery.  I am so tempted to start on another one right away, because I loved doing it, and it looks so good in the gallery.  But I’m set up in the studio for oil painting, which I would like to do today, but it’s going to be 80 degrees and Sue is cooking up different salads and we’re going for a picnic at AuSable Point tonight, and there’s always excuses.
3_21_12_mugsSue has been busy all winter and the orders keep coming in.  This is part of the WCFE television order.
3_21_12_knitbowlSue doesn’t do very many special requests but this one caught her fancy.  A knitting bowl to keep the yarn in while knitting.  Here is the finished product.


In Sue’s spare time she likes to bead.  She’s been using up some of her beads by making these wood bead necklaces.  She’ll wear three or four of them at once.  If you see her wearing them, mention how nice they look and she’ll probably give one to you.  Sue likes to give away her work like that from time to time and it makes a nice surprise for the receiver.  Sometimes she’ll go to a party with a nice salad in one of her bowls and just leave the bowl for the host.

So I have a drum gig this Friday night, it’s my second rehearsal for “Into the Adirondacks”, I practiced long and hard last night and I am ready for this.  If an audience comes, it looks pretty slim right now…’s not for everyone, but that’s why I have wonderful desserts, because who doesn’t like desserts?

Books and busy

I finished the four books I was working on.

Adirondack Book Arts, by Terrance D. Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

I have the new ones up on my website, AdirondackBookArts

I really want to make some new tower ideas within the next month and perhaps bind up some extra books.

This will be a very busy week.  I’m in rehearsal for “The Birthday Party”, down at the Upper Jay Arts Center.  Glad to have a small part and therefore my rehearsal times are shorter, but sometimes they just come at a bad time.

Tomorrow I’m drumming at the ARC here in Jay.  They are a home for people with disabilities, and the drumming seems to be something that they like.  Of course I think most people like the drumming, but in limited amounts, it isn’t something you can take too much of.  I’m not that good, but I guess I’m good enough to be entertaining.

Wednesday night we are going to the Blueseed Studio in Saranac Lake to listen to our friend Nadia recite her poetry and look at her prints.  I also believe I am playing the udu when she recites her “Black Angel” poem.

Yesterday Sue and I took the quilt parts up to a lady about 40 miles north of us, she will put everything together, quilt a design and put a binding on it.  Excellent.  I enjoyed making the patchwork part of the quilt, the design part, but the other parts would have taken too long, so I’m glad we found this woman.  She is a retired teacher and has this great house and studio, with this very large machine that will do the quilting.  She guides it over the pattern and the machine goes to work.  I forgot to bring my camera, but when I pick up the quilt, next week, I will have to take some photos of her studio.

On Friday we’re going to spend it with CJ in Rutland and then go to a Hahn-Bin concert at the old Paramount Theater there.  He’s a Grammy award winner and the reviews for him say, “embodies the 21st Century of classical music”, and “pop performance art”.  He comes from Korea, and has a very cool look about him.  Can’t wait.

The week after that I’ll have to get ready for my Second Rehearsal.

Tiles and books

It’s been about two and a half years since we did over our kitchen.  The tile work was the one thing we just couldn’t settle on.

Here is the idea, mostly white and blue with accents of the yellow and red.  Sue is going to use a brown grout I think, that is why it is displayed on a brown piece of paper.


It’s going to take a lot of tiles so for the next couple of kilns, Sue will cycle tiles through.

Today Sue glazed most of the day and got a bisque kiln ready.  She cleaned her glaze buckets outside in 60 degree weather.
3_7_12_cI have my covers glued together, I have my paper ripped to the right sizes, I need to make the three bindings that get inserted into the tower, and stitch the books.  From the left they are, Tower of Inspiration #15, Observation Tower #3, Tower of Inspiration #14, and Tower of Inspiration #16.

3_7_12_bThe Tower of Inspiration is probably my easiest tower to build, but the bindings take a lot of time.  Whereas the Observation Tower is very difficult to get right and the binding is easier.

The famous quotes are bound into the cross boards on either side and slide down into the tower.  I print them out on the same wonderful paper as the Coptic bound books, 100% cotton Arches Text Wove from France.

I’ve arranged a program to print these sheets for me.  I can follow the guidelines for ripping each section of the quote into a page.

Distractions, new look to EatingArt, tower book decisions

It’s hard not to have distractions in the Adirondacks.  Ten below zero with a foot of fresh powder on the trails, that’s a distraction, when friends come by the gallery to just chat or jam, that too.  The silent woods on a snow covered morning, beckons for distraction.  So did today…..fifty degrees on March 3, I kept walking around the house.  Had to be careful of the ice and had to walk through snow and puddles, but it was fifty degrees.

My piano was a distraction today as well.  The gallery was quiet and Sue was at a baby shower.  I had goals to cut paper for books, but I never finished.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow, and I wanted to get this new format idea up on the web.

3_3_12_tower 3_3_12_binding_1

I’m going to put some color into the books for the three “Towers of Inspiration” that I am making.  So today I cut binders board for all the books and for my special bindings that rest suspended in the top opening.  I was hoping to get all my paper cut, glued and weighted down for the evening, but it was fifty degrees today.

The marbled paper is something I found in Rutland Vermont, the suspended binding begins with two pieces of board cut so that when fitted together they form a secure shelf from which the pages of the binding hang.

New Kiln, Pit Fire, Udu and Poetry

Sue has been experimenting with new textures, and underglazes.  I love the small dishes that she is making and the way the glazes break around the patterns.
3_1_12_aWhen we re-did our kitchen two years ago, we left the wall under the cabins bare so that we could put tiles up there.  We finally settled on some ideas.

Sue is sorting through tiles she’s been making over the last couple of kilns, I think we’ve settled on our colors now.
3_1_12_cIn the last blog I showed the pots wet and here on the Knitting bowls with Alpaca Heads.
3_1_12_dI like the color combo on this pot, I think the black becomes a very stunning glaze because when other colors are on it, they really shine.
3_1_12_hIn order to do one of our pit-firings, we need wood.  Here I’m chopping a piece of oak.  I use soft wood to start the fire and I have hard wood and hard wood saw dust down around the pots.
3_1_12_gSue and my methods are totally different when it comes to pit-firing.  Sue is wrapping her hand built pot in aluminum with orange peels, cilantro and lavender.  There will also be saw dust in the wrap.

I tuck plenty of paper in and around the wood, and light that baby up.

Here’s what happens…….

I had three towers in this firing.  Color is muted, but I’ll make books for these pots now.

Our friend Nadia came over one afternoon, she’s giving a poetry reading at the Blue Seed Studio in Saranac Lake and I mentioned how I’m combining my poetry and drumming.  So we decided to get together and just jam with some of her poetry.  The following piece came out of the jam session.

I played a beat on the udu and Sue is the back ground on a drum.

Black Angel  a poem by Nadia Korths.