New Kiln, Pit Fire, Udu and Poetry

Sue has been experimenting with new textures, and underglazes.  I love the small dishes that she is making and the way the glazes break around the patterns.
3_1_12_aWhen we re-did our kitchen two years ago, we left the wall under the cabins bare so that we could put tiles up there.  We finally settled on some ideas.

Sue is sorting through tiles she’s been making over the last couple of kilns, I think we’ve settled on our colors now.
3_1_12_cIn the last blog I showed the pots wet and here on the Knitting bowls with Alpaca Heads.
3_1_12_dI like the color combo on this pot, I think the black becomes a very stunning glaze because when other colors are on it, they really shine.
3_1_12_hIn order to do one of our pit-firings, we need wood.  Here I’m chopping a piece of oak.  I use soft wood to start the fire and I have hard wood and hard wood saw dust down around the pots.
3_1_12_gSue and my methods are totally different when it comes to pit-firing.  Sue is wrapping her hand built pot in aluminum with orange peels, cilantro and lavender.  There will also be saw dust in the wrap.

I tuck plenty of paper in and around the wood, and light that baby up.

Here’s what happens…….

I had three towers in this firing.  Color is muted, but I’ll make books for these pots now.

Our friend Nadia came over one afternoon, she’s giving a poetry reading at the Blue Seed Studio in Saranac Lake and I mentioned how I’m combining my poetry and drumming.  So we decided to get together and just jam with some of her poetry.  The following piece came out of the jam session.

I played a beat on the udu and Sue is the back ground on a drum.

Black Angel  a poem by Nadia Korths.