Distractions, new look to EatingArt, tower book decisions

It’s hard not to have distractions in the Adirondacks.  Ten below zero with a foot of fresh powder on the trails, that’s a distraction, when friends come by the gallery to just chat or jam, that too.  The silent woods on a snow covered morning, beckons for distraction.  So did today…..fifty degrees on March 3, I kept walking around the house.  Had to be careful of the ice and had to walk through snow and puddles, but it was fifty degrees.

My piano was a distraction today as well.  The gallery was quiet and Sue was at a baby shower.  I had goals to cut paper for books, but I never finished.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow, and I wanted to get this new format idea up on the web.

3_3_12_tower 3_3_12_binding_1

I’m going to put some color into the books for the three “Towers of Inspiration” that I am making.  So today I cut binders board for all the books and for my special bindings that rest suspended in the top opening.  I was hoping to get all my paper cut, glued and weighted down for the evening, but it was fifty degrees today.

The marbled paper is something I found in Rutland Vermont, the suspended binding begins with two pieces of board cut so that when fitted together they form a secure shelf from which the pages of the binding hang.