Tiles and books

It’s been about two and a half years since we did over our kitchen.  The tile work was the one thing we just couldn’t settle on.

Here is the idea, mostly white and blue with accents of the yellow and red.  Sue is going to use a brown grout I think, that is why it is displayed on a brown piece of paper.


It’s going to take a lot of tiles so for the next couple of kilns, Sue will cycle tiles through.

Today Sue glazed most of the day and got a bisque kiln ready.  She cleaned her glaze buckets outside in 60 degree weather.
3_7_12_cI have my covers glued together, I have my paper ripped to the right sizes, I need to make the three bindings that get inserted into the tower, and stitch the books.  From the left they are, Tower of Inspiration #15, Observation Tower #3, Tower of Inspiration #14, and Tower of Inspiration #16.

3_7_12_bThe Tower of Inspiration is probably my easiest tower to build, but the bindings take a lot of time.  Whereas the Observation Tower is very difficult to get right and the binding is easier.

The famous quotes are bound into the cross boards on either side and slide down into the tower.  I print them out on the same wonderful paper as the Coptic bound books, 100% cotton Arches Text Wove from France.

I’ve arranged a program to print these sheets for me.  I can follow the guidelines for ripping each section of the quote into a page.