Books and busy

I finished the four books I was working on.

Adirondack Book Arts, by Terrance D. Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

I have the new ones up on my website, AdirondackBookArts

I really want to make some new tower ideas within the next month and perhaps bind up some extra books.

This will be a very busy week.  I’m in rehearsal for “The Birthday Party”, down at the Upper Jay Arts Center.  Glad to have a small part and therefore my rehearsal times are shorter, but sometimes they just come at a bad time.

Tomorrow I’m drumming at the ARC here in Jay.  They are a home for people with disabilities, and the drumming seems to be something that they like.  Of course I think most people like the drumming, but in limited amounts, it isn’t something you can take too much of.  I’m not that good, but I guess I’m good enough to be entertaining.

Wednesday night we are going to the Blueseed Studio in Saranac Lake to listen to our friend Nadia recite her poetry and look at her prints.  I also believe I am playing the udu when she recites her “Black Angel” poem.

Yesterday Sue and I took the quilt parts up to a lady about 40 miles north of us, she will put everything together, quilt a design and put a binding on it.  Excellent.  I enjoyed making the patchwork part of the quilt, the design part, but the other parts would have taken too long, so I’m glad we found this woman.  She is a retired teacher and has this great house and studio, with this very large machine that will do the quilting.  She guides it over the pattern and the machine goes to work.  I forgot to bring my camera, but when I pick up the quilt, next week, I will have to take some photos of her studio.

On Friday we’re going to spend it with CJ in Rutland and then go to a Hahn-Bin concert at the old Paramount Theater there.  He’s a Grammy award winner and the reviews for him say, “embodies the 21st Century of classical music”, and “pop performance art”.  He comes from Korea, and has a very cool look about him.  Can’t wait.

The week after that I’ll have to get ready for my Second Rehearsal.