The Quilt, Pottery and Beading

3_21_12_quiltThe quilt is finished, here’s the official portrait.

It measures 51″x36″.  I learned a lot and my next one will be slightly better.  My mistakes were in the handling of the sewing machine, but now I’m much more comfortable with that.  My other big mistakes were in squaring up the quilt as I was sewing it.  For this I will use a square next time and make a conscious effort to size properly and square as I go.  That would just be a good habit to learn in quilting, much the same as when I have to do carpentry work around the house.

So Mom designed it, I pieced it and then I was confronted with stuffing it, putting a backing on, binding it and then have a nice quilt design on it.  I was planning on just having a straight line quilt design, because I didn’t have the expertise for anything else.  But the woman at “Loose Threads” told me about quilters who do the quilt design, and they have wonderfully expensive machines to help accomplish this daunting task.

So out of three different business cards she gave us we called the right one for us.  Jean S. Welch in West Chazy NY.  We went to Jean’s house and met her and her husband and what a small world it is because her husband Flip was in the Air Force with a neighbor and friend of mine Jon Nedele, the Adirondack Photographer. 

Jean showed us patterns that she could quilt and we choose one that had swirls and hands on it.  Jean did such a good job because she also bound it and put the stuffing inside, her price was reasonable, she gave us good advice and a quilting book to light more fires in my imagination.  Thanks Jean, your awesome!


I thought this design was perfect for a baby quilt.


Here’s what the quilt looks like on the wall in the gallery.  I am so tempted to start on another one right away, because I loved doing it, and it looks so good in the gallery.  But I’m set up in the studio for oil painting, which I would like to do today, but it’s going to be 80 degrees and Sue is cooking up different salads and we’re going for a picnic at AuSable Point tonight, and there’s always excuses.
3_21_12_mugsSue has been busy all winter and the orders keep coming in.  This is part of the WCFE television order.
3_21_12_knitbowlSue doesn’t do very many special requests but this one caught her fancy.  A knitting bowl to keep the yarn in while knitting.  Here is the finished product.


In Sue’s spare time she likes to bead.  She’s been using up some of her beads by making these wood bead necklaces.  She’ll wear three or four of them at once.  If you see her wearing them, mention how nice they look and she’ll probably give one to you.  Sue likes to give away her work like that from time to time and it makes a nice surprise for the receiver.  Sometimes she’ll go to a party with a nice salad in one of her bowls and just leave the bowl for the host.

So I have a drum gig this Friday night, it’s my second rehearsal for “Into the Adirondacks”, I practiced long and hard last night and I am ready for this.  If an audience comes, it looks pretty slim right now…’s not for everyone, but that’s why I have wonderful desserts, because who doesn’t like desserts?