Pendant molds, EatingArt menu, Printmaking workshop and new paintings

Sue has gotten really good at carving out her designs.  She has quite a collection of molds that she has created over the years.  I sure wish we had an example of each one.  She has many different techniques in creating a mold.  The photos below are press molds she carved into plaster.

3_25_12_mold_1 3_25_12_mold_2

On the left is a lady slipper and on the right is a violet.  The violet will become an exclusive pendant for Adirondack Life magazine.

A wonderful idea that I’ve had for sometime is to have a restaurant.  The idea will never happen in reality, however why not take it virtual.  For several years we have been taking cooking lessons with chef Steve Uwe Riehs, he has really spiced up our palates and cooking talents and risks.  One thing about living and working in the same proximity is that we always got to back bread and cook meals rather effortlessly for dinner each night.  We developed some really wonderful meals over the years, but got stuck in doing them year after year.

Chef Uwe classes focus on one type of cuisine each lesson.  There are usually classes of ten and he goes over each portion of the meal and has an easy to follow recipe style.  Sue and I have really utilized what we’ve learned from him over the past three years.  We’ve innovated some of the recipes we’ve learned from him, some stay exactly the same.  We continued with our favorite meals from years ago, but now use fresher spices and take risks with our flavors more.

In my virtual restaurant my menu will have all my favorite meals.  I don’t think I could concentrate on any one type of cuisine, I’ll just do whatever pleases me at the time.

The photo above are the ingredients for, braised beef with a lemon grass rub, served over scallion and creamed corn pancakes.  Oh my goodness it was so good.  The recipe doesn’t call for the scallions in the rub, but I add them in there anyway.  Turmeric, coriander, garlic, star anise, black pepper, ginger and garlic all get blended with scallions and lemon grass, throw in some fish sauce and birds eye chili paste.  Wow.

So we used a beef bottom round, sliced into 3″ by 1/4″ slices, browned in some coconut oil in a large fry pan, when they begin to caramelize, the paste goes in, bay leafs, coconut milk and beef stock.  Then it braises for two hours at 300 degrees.

3_25_12_menu_2 3_25_12_menu_3

The scallion pancakes have similar spices, turmeric, ginger, garlic, coriander, plus you add a can of creamed corn.
3_25_12_menu_4The scallions on the grill
3_25_12_menu_5They get mixed into the batter and cooked till golden.

I realize I really need to work on my plating skills and making it look as delicious as it really is.  The problem is I didn’t want to take the time once it became ready.  I was too hungry and the bottle of wine was open.

I will work on taking and presenting better photos.  You should check out Chef Uwe’s website and his blog, because he posts wonderful photos of the food he is currently making.

But this one will be one my virtual menu.

Sue took a printmaking workshop with Nadia Korths from Saranac Lake.


This video is from Sue’s YouTube channel and below are two of the prints that Sue made.

3_25_12_print_1 3_25_12_print_2

Spring is beginning in Jay, New York.  Probably two weeks early, although Robins have been working the grounds since January, since there was no snow.  It had been in the 70’s ad 80’s for a week, but this weekend it was chilly in the 40’s and misty.  A good weekend for studio work.

3_25_12_painting_1 3_25_12_painting_2

I did two small paintings.  On the left and 8×10 of a spring stream and the other is 9×12 of a winter bog.  I’m going to make a series of small paintings for the gallery this summer.