Pottery, blitzes and working on the menu


Sue has kept very busy with many varied projects.  Besides orders Sue is submitting teapots to a unique pottery publication in hopes that her teapots will be featured.

Starting on the bottom is a tea pot that is based on the memory of stones that her father use to pick up along the seashore.  The stones had water worn holes in them and they would make necklaces out of them.  On the next level are foot teapots with one horse teapot with a little bird used as a handle for the tea pot top.  Very cool, I like that one.

On the third level up on the right is a rectangular baking dish, she’s been making some of them recently and then next to that are pots with hole designs in them.  Sue will be putting electric lights inside those and stringing them up outside for summer time lights.

4_2_12_4 4_2_12_3

On the left is an inverted teapot after Sue has sculpted the feet onto it.  On the right is a baking dish just out of the bisque kiln, reading for glazing.  I love the scalloped handles

4_2_12_7 4_2_12_satchy

On the left are tea pot parts, spouts and tops and look, there’s Satchamo in the gallery wanting to get to his people in the studio and bother us, and walk among the wet pots hoping for a pet here and there…..will someone please let him in?

I’ve been practicing still life’s but have nothing to show, yet, if at all.

Today I started rehearsing Act III of “The Birthday Party”, that’s my largest part of the play I’m in.  In Act II I only have about eight lines and I’m off stage and in Act I, I help to open the play with my character and then in five minutes I’m off stage.

It’s a perfect part for me at this time.  I really didn’t want to have to put too much time into a part, but I wanted to have the discipline in my life that rehearsing for a character in a play would give me.  It opens July 26 at the Upper Jay Arts Center in Upper Jay.  Also working with other actors is always a blast, we have a lot of fun doing this hard work.

Continuing with my EatingArt Menu, Sue and I made a bunch of cheese and cherry blintzes from a recipe we got from Ula, the exchange student who lived with us for most of a year in 2005.  Ula is from Poland, so this is an authentic Polish taste.  However, we use ricotta cheese instead of local farmers cheese.  I think we make them sweeter than they do.


To the far left in the photo is a plate with a crepe on it, to the left of that would be the pan we use to make them, Sue is making them, piling them on the plate and I’m adding the ricotta and sour cream mixture and rolling them up.  For the cherry filling we just use the cherries out of a store bought can of pie filling.

4_2_12_2Blintzes  is something that I grew up with in New York City.  A lot of my neighbors were from the eastern European countries and I still have some of their recipes.

I’m going to have to do better with the final photo, the “Gallery Shot”.  I should have served them flipped over so you don’t see the final fold on the crepe, and probably should have constructed them a little neater.  I was too hungry as is usually the case.

So cheese and fruit (in season) filled blintzes will be on my EatingArt Menu, but as yet I don’t know where.  An appetizer?  Dessert?  I usually eat two cheese, served with sour cream and sugar as the main course, and then have two cherry ones for dessert…….is that legal?

I think I’d be better off keeping them as a dessert on the menu.