Teapots, food

I’ve been drinking more tea lately.  Sue turned me onto a caffeine free chai tea that she picked up at Arlies Emporium in Wilmington.  It’s either water or tea for me.
4_9_12_5For Sue it’s teapots this week.  I loved this one, it’s about to go into the bisque kiln.

Some of these teapots Sue will enter into the “500 Teapots” competition.

Now that the kids are out of the house, we’ve re-vamped old recipes, experimented with new ones, learned how not to waste food, because without the kids here it took a little time to adjust to buying less.  

We plan a two week menu and buy the vegetables and fruits for that period.

I make our tomato sauce.  I buy two giant cans of cut tomatoes and make six large containers of sauce that we freeze.

4_9_12_7 4_9_12_8

On the left Sue is putting together a calzone, filled with mushrooms, peppers, garlic and cheese and usually any leftover vegetables.  On the right is the photo.  I really have to work on the photo part.  The basil leave wilted before I could snap the photo, and I forgot to move it to a better looking background.  You have to give the photographers of food a lot of credit.

I’d love to put something Italian on the EatingArt menu, because I think my sauce is really good.  I’m getting ready to make another batch with a bunch of red peppers I just got on sale, I’m going to roast them and then puree them into the sauce.
4_9_12_1Here’s a cool thing we’ve been doing lately.  I learned this from Bobby Flay.  Instead of buying those expensive corn chips.  Get a package of flour tortillas, oil both sides, salt, pepper and cumin them.  Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes and cut into wedges right away.  A most flavorful chip that we controlled the salt on.  Two tortillas are plenty for the two of us.


4_9_12_2 4_9_12_3

Here’s where we use the tortillas, another Flay recipe, this one for guacamole.  We always buy the avocado deal where you get five for five.  We’ve replaced cheese in several meals with avocado now, but we’ve always been a fan of guacamole.  Sue always made it very simply by crushing the avocado, garlic and adding lime.  Boom, that was it, and I always loved it.  But then we tried this recipe that has roasted corn and cilantro added, and now we love this.  It makes for a hardier meal and usually this is a meal for us.
4_9_12_4This is my attempt to make a better photo of the Lemongrass braised beef with scallion pancakes.  I think I should do it on a tablecloth.  Still a work in progress.