Sue at work

Lately Sue has had her hands in all kinds of projects.  She’s working hard to get her teapots through the drying process, bisque and then kiln fired.  Then she still has to photograph them and send them off to the “500 Teapots” juried competition.


Here are a pair of small teapots.  Even though they are tiny they still require all the parts and the time to make them is practically the same as a large one.  It’ll be interesting to see what she does with these.


Here she’s throwing a tiny spout for a teapot.


When Sue breaks for lunch she has a project going on the kitchen table.  This is the beginning of laying out the tile for underneath the cabinets.  We’ve tried out several ideas but now we’ve hit on exactly what we want.  It will be worth waiting for.

Stamping a Pendant

4_12_12_4 4_12_12_5

Sue carved a loon design out of a slab of clay using linoleum carvers.  Then cast the image in plaster.  She places a piece of cardboard on the mold to get the right amount of thickness to the pendant.  She bought an old hamburger making press at the Riverside Thrift Shop in Wilmington for $1.50 and with a few adjustments converted it into a stamping press.

4_12_12_6 4_12_12_7

The result is a wonderful new pendant, that will be going to a non-profit organization as a fund-raiser.

What have I been up to?  Following Sue around with the camera.