Kiln, Teapots, Photography, Acting and Cooking

Sue fired a kiln that had a group of teapots in it.  Sue is entering a competition called “500 Teapots”, it’s a book published by Lark Books.  There are several that I think are really knockouts, all of them are like alive and organic, like they could brew all on their own.
Stoneware Teapots by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYStoneware Teapots by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYI thought these were really cool,  A mama teapot and her brewed……..
4_19_12_1Sue has a nice piece of photographers vinyl to shoot the pottery on, and she’s made some diffused light lamps.  Her photos look really good, I’ll have to post one soon.
4_19_12_4Here’s a picture of Scott Renderer, he’s directing “The Birthday Party” by Harold Pinter and also playing the part of Stanley.   It will be seen in late July and early August at the Recovery Lounge.  I play the part of Petey.  I’m really digging the character and very happy to be a part of the ensemble.  It’s always fun to go through the months of work it takes to put on a good theater production especially when I have a small part.  A  good part, every part in the play is great and Scott cast it so perfectly.  He’s doing a wonderful job of it.
4_19_12_5Here’s Brian (left) playing McCann and Bob playing Goldberg.  We are a little over three months into it and three months from opening.  The first three months were very loose and included everyone’s vacation time, but now we are all here and rehearsals are starting to occur on a regular basis.

The other things I’ve been doing is making large amounts of food.  Here are six quarts of tomato sauce.  Now that I also cook for my Mom and am always trying to cook better and cheaper.  I actually made seven quarts and it cost me $2 a quart.  Probably less that picking up a mass produced jar of Ragu.  This batch has roasted red peppers in it.

Today Sue did a whistle making workshop at AuSable Valley High School, she saw seven classes and an art club at the end of the day.  Tomorrow she goes back for more.  Today I painted most of the day, hope I’ll have a painting to post next time.