Pottery Update

I had an interruption in EatingArt.  The server that my web business is on was sold and the new company didn’t want to support my software, because it’s an older version.  But still works every bit as good as new software.  Anyway they wouldn’t support it so I had to move 65 websites to a new server, double check them all and make sure they were all running good, and that’s taken almost two weeks.  So that’s what I’ve done.

Here’s what Sue has been up to:
5_12_12_fountainbase and uduSue decided today to make a fountain for the garden.  Funny thing, we keep selling the fountains that we put out there.  So on the right is the base for the fountain.  On the left is a new udu that she is making.
5_12_12_fountainbowlAnd this will be the bowl.  Sue says she’s going to design a jack in the pulpit kind of thing to fit in the bowl and the water will come flowing out of that….can’t wait to see that!
5_12_12_makingbeads_1When Sue’s not busy with pottery, she’s always doing something.  Here’s she’s designed this template and she’s cutting into scrap paste paint paper and wrapping wooden balls.
5_12_12_makingbeads_2She’ll be using these hand decorated beads in some of her new necklaces.

Here Sue is making a horned animal occarina……..