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Garden Fountain finished

Stoneware Jack in the Pulpit Fountain, by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYNow sitting in the Gallery garden about 48″ in height with water cascading from a jack in the pulpit over the leaves and into a wonderfully shaped shallow bowl.

I love it…..the bees and butterflies love it as well.

Sue posted it on her Facebook page and immediately got a response to buy it.

She’s already talking about creating another one, but doesn’t know her subject on that one yet…..I told her I’d like to see a hummingbird fountain.

Garden Fountain

Sue’s garden fountain this year is going to be a large jack in the pulpit.  Water will stream from the flower.
6_5_12_sueThis was very difficult to accomplish, a lot of pieces went into this, and then drying all these overhanging shapes, without having them bend.  She had all kinds of supports on it.
6_5_12_galleryI can’t wait to see the new fountain in the this garden.  The blue iris’ are in bloom at present and the rose bush will probably bloom this weekend.  Our blueberry bushes are loaded, our grape vine will be mighty fine this year and so will our apple trees.  We still have an apple pie and a jar of grape jelly left from last year.