Seems to be off to a good start, pottery is certainly selling very good right now.  Over the 30 years we have been here we have seen many changes to summer time traffic and always compare business with the Jay Craft Center, only a mile down the road.  We have very similar situations and business has always been similar as well.

Summer usually starts off big with July 4 and everybody that that brings into the area.  Then in mid July it will get much quieter.  It wasn’t always that way, it use be such that one of us would have to be in the gallery all day long handling business.  But with the IRONMAN coming to Lake Placid (about 10 years ago) and their repeating 52 mile bike route going by our business, that means for at least for one day there will be no business.  Now though that has taken on bigger implications because the size of this race and the support people who come to town must take up many of the hotel and house rentals that normally would have gone to tourists.  So in the weeks leading up to the race tourism for our business has really slacked off, plus I think many car drivers find it quite complicated driving when you have close to 2,000 bicyclists practicing on the roads.

We get a little Ironman business from the competitors, but nothing like it use to be in mid July when tourists roamed these hills.

Over the years even business the Saturday before Ironman race has progressively gotten worse, they put up large DOT signs at all entrances to town warning people of delays and races and the end of the world and all that stuff…….who’s going to come into this area?

Of course we could be totally wrong, but then as soon as the Ironman race is over….business picks up again.

We enjoy the race and usually play our drums as they go by, but just wish they would move the race to another road.


In other news……Sue is firing all the tiles we need to finish our tiling in the kitchen, here’s how she fires tiles.
7_4_12_setdesignThis is part of the set for “The Birthday Party“, by Harold Pinter, Directed by Scott Renderer and actually opening on my 64th birthday…..July 26th and running for 8 shows at the Recovery Lounge in Upper Jay.