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Cat Bowl, Acting, Summer Performance

Sue has not been busier.
Stoneware Cat by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NY

Here is the cat bowl, it sells for $110.  Sue donated one to a fundraiser for the animal shelter and she made a couple to sell in the shop.  Now she’s taken orders for two more.

I haven’t seen her busier.  I wouldn’t say it’s because of an increase in customers, it’s more and increase in making smaller items and wholesale selling.  She is working almost twice as hard for the same money.

We can feel the days getting shorter in the Adirondacks and the evenings much cooler.  It has been a most spectacular summer here with the weather.  Almost every day in the 80’s with sun.  July was dry, August is wetter.

8_20_12_garden1 8_20_12_garden2

I really enjoy our garden in front of the gallery, lazy Susan’s and cone flowers are in bloom right now.  I’ve been chillin’ on the deck and under the tree.  My acting is over for the summer, “The Birthday Party” by Harold Pinter was very successful, we were over booked for 6 of the 8 performances, and full the other two nights.

Here’s the set on the main floor of the Recovery Lounge, also known as “The Upper Jay Art Center”    For me the play was about facing Reality.  We all try to grab time to ourselves, to disappear in a thought, daydream, work in our studios, hike in the woods, vacation….  But always there is that nagging thought way in the back that we have to get back to our work, family, bills, occupation, whatever it may be.

Doing the play was kind of like that for me actually.  It was an escape from my life.  Practicing lines and going to rehearsals for six months and then the summer came and we were doing complete run through’s and then dress rehearsals and finally the run of the play itself.  It was all going to be over at some point.  There was going to be a let down somewhere in the future.

Whenever I’m involved in a creative project, I usually have my next project ready to go or I’m already involved in it, so the creative let down is less for me.  I went into practicing piano much more once the play was over.
8_20_12_suzyI played “Petey” and Suzy Doolittle played “Meg” in “The Birthday Party”.  It was so much fun working with Suzy, here we are going over lines that start the play.  Suzy’s in costume and I’m not.

Here are Brian and Scott at the make up table.  Everyone was in makeup except for me, I didn’t need any because of my inherent wonderful skin tone I guess.

It sure is fun doing community theater, but we don’t get paid for it.  My last play was going to be “Below the Belt” about four years ago, but this part seems small and juicy, “just right for me”, Scott said.  I found out that even small parts are big, because they all are important for the play and you have to be there for rehearsals all the same.

Now I really think I won’t do any more acting.  I really want to devote as much time to my own creative endeavors, currently, drawing, book binding and playing piano.