Monthly Archives: September 2012

Studio Tour, New Work

I’m disappointed in myself for not posting in September.  The month went by way too fast.  Sue and I did a couple of trips to visit with our girls, Emily’s in Rochester and Corrine is in Rutland, we had a wonderful visit with each of them.  Hope they come home for the holidays at some point.

This was Studio Tour Weekend.  Not much in the way of business or Touries…..there just doesn’t seem to be the same traffic as there once was.  I know for us to travel the 31 miles to Plattsburgh and back for food shopping we need to include eleven dollars for gas.  Visiting with CJ for one day in Vermont we figured we used $44 in gas, so we think that people driving around looking at the fall colors isn’t what it use to be.

But the folks who did come by this weekend were curious and wonderful, we talked about our work and Sue did a nice Raku Firing today.
Raku by Sue YoungThe crackle white was terrific as were the other two pots, which had a nice copper tone and on one of them it had some nice aqua color.  Sue just hadn’t been making much Raku lately, because she’s been so busy with production ware.  I think this firing got to her and we’ll see more of her wonderful Raku.
sept_3For the weekend though Sue was demonstrating platters and small cooking dishes.  Here she is putting handles on a small baking dish.
Stoneware by Sue Burdick Young, Young's Studio & Gallery, Jay NYThis is one of my new favorite Sue pieces.  They are simple tumblers in white stone ware with a wonderful new glaze Sue has developed, I want a set for myself.

I’ve been lost creatively for the last two years.  Looking after Mom, worrying about my health has really gotten to me.  I’m struggling to get back to being productive.  I do have the web business that keeps me going, and I’m trying not to take on new clients, but it’s not always easy because people need to have websites……or so they think.

The drawing up above is titled, “A tree reaching out for me in my cave”.  I would really like to to about four drawings before the end of the year.  I need to always have the work in progress at some stage.  So that when I do have time to draw, I have something to work on.

So where’s our country going?  September was terrible for business, Sue and I agree that in Presidential voting years business always languishes.  I don’t feel confident in either party being able to get us out of this mess.  Had it been twenty years ago, yes, I would feel more confident, but these days, with politicians so focused on their own narrow mindedness we’re not moving forward at all.

Both parties got us here, I really have no faith that either will get us out of here.  Hope I’m wrong.