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Adirondack Autumn and Local Farms

Our gallery is doing well this autumn season, people seem to be out and about and finding our shop.  Sue has kept the gallery with a nice supply of pottery even though she continues to get her wholesale orders out.  Below are three plant containers with Mums in them.
10_12_12_2hey rest on the deck at the top of the entrance steps.  We have ten of these wonderful Mums to add color to the front of the gallery.
10_12_12_3Asgaard Farm sits in the Au Sable Valley, it was begun by Rockwell Kent and his studio building is still on the premises.  These days it is owned by the Brunner family and you can get goat cheese, chickens, pork and beef there.  For our vegetables we have a csa share with another local farmer.  If you live in this area, it is easy to get all your fresh food directly from the farms.
10_12_12_1I’ve been doing a morning walk around Lake Eaton, a small 15 acres lake not far from our house but real close to my Mom’s house.  So I visit with Mom and then go for a nice walk.  This time of year there will always be Canadian geese at the lake.  Today there was only this pair, but quite often there can be a large flock.

There’s a small dock to fish from with a row boat we can use to get out onto the lake.  I particularly liked the reflection of the clouds in this photo.

I can walk down Mom’s hill to a dirt road and then pick up a trail spur that leads into the trail the home association has made around the lake.  I seldom see anyone on the trial.  Today I noticed that many different kinds of mushrooms popped up overnight.

10_12_12_12 10_12_12_6

10_12_12_8 10_12_12_4

These are just some of the one’s I saw, another thing that catches my eyes are the different and colorful kinds of mold and lichen that is everywhere in the woods.
10_12_12_10So a small fallen tree after a while receives a coat of green mold.

We are lucky to have this lake to use.









It’s beautiful in each season.