Monthly Archives: December 2012

Happy New Year

2012 was decent for our business.  Pottery sold very well and Sue worked very hard at it.  She increased her production by about 30% last year, it turned out to be her most productive year for amount of pots created.  Art and other things were much slower, we’re hoping to see a turn around in 2013 with that.

We’d like to begin buying wholesale craft work again, mostly we’ve been buying jewelry, because that’s always a good seller.  But this year we ordered some wooden puzzles for Holiday shoppers and they sold very well, we had to re-order.  I think this year we only bought wholesale crafts at about 8% of what we did at our peak.  We have about 16 other craftspeople in the gallery at the peak we had about 65.

But we feel very optimistic about 2013 and we are going to be planning on having a busy summer season.

I haven’t been very good at keeping EatingArt updated lately.  My Mom took a turn for the worse in late October and through the whole month of November I was with her from 4 to 6 hours a day.  She had very little energy to do anything and was on oxygen all the time.  She’s much better, but still not where she was and we don’t think she’ll get back there now.  At least I’ve had a bit of a break lately and some days I’m only over there one time.

When we had a Holiday sale the weekend before Thanksgiving I broke down the gallery and moved my drums and keyboard out of there.  I’m storing most of my drums now because I’ve been playing piano mostly.  So while the sale weekend was going on I brought my keyboard over to Mom’s and played for her.  She didn’t like it when I took it away when the weekend was over and wanted me to buy another one for her house.

I told her that was unreasonable and a waste because, I have an upright piano in the house, and I have the keyboard, I can always bring it over once in awhile.  Well she wanted it more than once in awhile, I’ve got a real fan in my Mom.  So Sue put a notice out in our local email newsletter to see if anyone had a used keyboard they wanted to get rid of.  There were several offers, but we settled for one that was just too good to pass up.  For a little bit of cash they delivered a Yamaha Clavinova about ten years old in very good condition.  I have that in the gallery now and the keyboard over at Mom’s.

I have been putting way too much time into playing the piano.  My favorite tunes are Misty and Stardust…..but I’m also playing Angie by the Stones, and some Beatle tunes……..I have music I’ve bought from Music Notes dot com and I’m looking to make a catalog of music for myself of perhaps 10 or 12 tunes I can play from memory.  It’s very relaxing and it’s all I really want to do.

I’d also like to put some of my poetry to music.

Sue has her studio all set for Silk Painting, and when she begins doing that, probably in the early new year I’ll post photos here.  I’m also hoping she will do some sculpture.  My studio has a canvas all set on the easel….now all it needs is a willing artist who takes the time away from piano playing.